Sirajul I.
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Developer, DevOps, Analyst

With my twelve years of real life dev experience, I have been lucky enough to have my hand dirty with numerous languages, frameworks and tech that revolves around software. Following is an exclusive list of techs that I feel readily at home with. 1. Application 1.1. Web (.NET, NODEJS | REACT, VUEJS) 1.2. Mobile (REACT NATIVE, XAMARIN) 1.3. Desktop (.NET, ELECTRON) 2. Database 2.1. SQL (POSTGRES, MYSQL, MSSQL) 2.2. NOSQL (MONGODB, REDIS) 2.3. Graph (NEO4J, AWS NEPTUNE) 2.4. Search (ELASTICSEARCH) 2.5. Embedded (NEDB, SQLITE) 3. Architecture 3.1. Microservice 3.2. Domain Driven 4. Intelligence and Enhancement 4.1. NLP 4.2. Machine Learning 4.3. API Integration 5. Tools and Automation 5.1. CLI Development (RUST, .NET) 5.2. Message Queue System (NATS) 5.3. Socket and IO Stream 6. DevOP 6.1. Cloud Management (AWS, GCP) 6.2. Docker, Kubernetes 6.3. Jenkins Apart from aforementioned items I am able to read 12+ languages, knows 20+ frontend frameworks/libraries, worked with 10+ webapp frameworks, just saying.

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  • SQL
  • .NET Core
  • Rust