Bayan J.

Bayan J.

GazaPalestinian Territories

Tutor & Translator

**How can I help? - Translating from English to Arabic. - Translating from Arabic to English. - Teaching Arabic for all ages. - Teaching MSA and Palestinian & Jordanian Dialect. - Teaching the Quran and Tajweed if you are a Muslim. - Helping the Arabian students in Islamic studies and social studies in their schools. **Why am I? - 4 years of experience in Translating and teaching. - Bachelor's Degree in teaching Arabic from the best universities in my country. - Learning through the Arabic culture. - Learning by the best educational methods to make the educational process more enjoyable and beneficial at the same time! Can't wait to hear from you!♥
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  • Microsoft Word
  • Translation
  • US English Dialect
  • English Tutoring
  • British English Accent