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Data Analyst - Excel, PowerBi, Python, Tableau, SQL, Dashboard.

Are you looking for a 5years expert to help you audit, analyze and process a high volume of rent bills using multiple applications, source documents and government policies, research and resolve discrepancies promptly? Are you thinking of the best way to manipulate and clean large sets of data and prepare them for analysis using advanced Excel functions such as pivot tables, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, and INDEX/MATCH to analyze data and uncover trends and insights. Don't look elsewhere, these are my specialties. I'm an Excel analyst with expertise in Microsoft Excel to analyze and interpret data. I help business owners in various fields like finance, healthcare, education, and government to audit, analyze, clean and interpret data, and create dashboards for data visualization, I have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and am proficient in using Excel functions and features to analyze data and create reports, charts, and graphs. MY OFFERS - I manipulate and clean large sets of data to prepare them for analysis using advanced Excel functions such as pivot tables, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, and INDEX/MATCH to analyze data and uncover trends and insights. - Visualizing data using charts, graphs, and other graphical representations to make the information more easily understood by stakeholders - Providing reports and presentations to stakeholders to communicate the results of data analysis. - Collaborating with other team members and departments to gather data and identify areas for improvement - Staying up-to-date with new developments in Excel and related tools, as well as industry-specific data analysis techniques ✅ Full-time freelancer ✅ 5+ years of experience ✅Easily available for Zoom meeting ✅Loom tutorials/User Guide Services: ✅Excel Dashboards Automation ✅Excel E-commerce Projects ✅Excel Stocks related projects ✅Excel Financial projects for Etsy ✅One click automation in Excel ✅Excel tools for businesses PROFICIENCY • Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, Python • Fivetran, Stitch Talend • BigQuery, deb • Tableau, Google Data Studio (GDS), PowerBI (Power BI) • Mode, Zoho Analytics, DOMO ➡️Business Automation & Dashboards: ➡️ Sales Tracker ➡️ One-Click Invoice Generation System ➡️ Excel Reconciliation Summarize Tab Results by Color ➡️ Windows Catalog Dashboard with Multiple Options | Excel ➡️ Shipment Categorization and Visualization ➡️ Downloaded 700 case files, cleaned data, renamed, Made Table of Contents with links ➡️Media Schedule Dashboard with dynamic data ➡️Daily Production Report and Weekly Summary Dashboard ➡️Couple VBA codes with additions to automate daily work tasks. ➡️Health Website Data Cleaning, transformation and files generation 💹Ecommerce (especially Amazon) Projects: ➡️ Woocommerce Inventory Bulk Files Generator ➡️ Shopify Bulk File Generator ➡️Automation of Amazon Product Evaluation Process ➡️ Automation of Master Keyword Sheet. ➡️ Amazon Fee Calculator | Google Sheets. ➡️ Auctions Analyzer Dashboard | Excel ➡️Amazon Listing Generator with 1000s of Keywords ➡️Amazon Master Keywords Sheet Generator ➡️Amazon Bulk Files Generator ➡️Amazon Data Mining ➡️Amazon prep center sheet automation for bundles/ice-packs ➡️Amazon PPC Bulk File automation with multiple campaigns/ad group criteria 💰Financial Projects: ➡️Monthly/Paycheck Budget Tools ➡️Snowball Debt Tracker (up to 5 with auto arrangement) ➡️Digital Products for Etsy PASSION • Data Wrangling - formula fixing, data cleaning, and data transformation • Data Warehouse (DWH) / Business Intelligence (BI) • Growth Metrics & KPIs Design - define, calculate, measure, and prioritize • Interactive Data Visualization Report and Dashboard - design and build • Data Analysis - surface actionable data pattern and insight (i.e., Cohort Retention Curve) • Predictive Statistical Modeling - Churn, LTV, CLV, Product Affinity, Segmentation • Experimental Design - including implementation and A/B Testing [KEYWORDS: Pivot tables, data visualization, filtering, sorting, graphing, charting, formatting, spreadsheet, formula, macro, function, cell reference, range, data validation, conditional, formatting, database, import, export, query, consolidation, data analysis, data analytics, data clearing, data processing, SQL, Python, PowerBI, Microsoft ExcelData analysis, Data Science, Data analysis, statistics, Data processing, Data science consultation, Python, quantitative analysis, data visualization, Microsoft PowerBi, Data Analysis expressions, tableau, SQL, canva, Microsoft SQL server, Dara entry, Regression, Correlation, R, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Dashboard, Visual Basic For Applications, Macro Programming, Excel Macros, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Quer What are you waiting for? Shoot me a message and let's get your project done! Thanks for your time, looking forward to robust working relationship. Regards, David.

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  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Power Query
  • Data Analytics & Visualization Software
  • Data Interpretation
  • Data Analytics

Get started working with David quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with David quickly with these predefined projects.

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"I hired David for a data visualization project that involved creating dashboards with graphics to represents patterns in a specific data set. David was responsive and reliable, I plan to work with David again and recommend him highly. "

Brian E.
May 2023