Jane A.

Graphic, Editorial & Presentation Design | Adobe Creative Cloud

Mabuhay! My name is Princess Jane Acuzar, and I am from Candelaria, Quezon. I got my start as a Multimedia Artist by taking quality shots around me. As people began to appreciate my work, I began taking pictures randomly on a stick. Today, I am open to all kinds of multimedia, although I am always drawn to passion projects that let me go back to my media roots. My goal is to start working in the Photography and Film industry to achieve my passion as a job at the same time because you will succeed in life if you love what you are doing even if it may get hard. I will become a professional photographer as I continue to grow and explore this industry. I will join and participate in activities related to this field, national or maybe even international events. I will collaborate and meet professionals, beginners or hobbyists who are in this field. I will seek advice and techniques from other photographers and filmmakers to expand my knowledge and also share with others who want to learn. From this kind of career, it feels like I am already successful in life. As time and life experience goes by, I am now also into Graphics Design and Creative Media as I learn and grow with the Professionals to enhance my skills and push myself beyond my creative limits. Exploring different designs and elements is what excites me now. When I'm not working on my media project, I might be thrift shopping, cuddling with my dog or volunteering at my photography organization. I am fully invested in my community and would love to work with people that shares these values.


  • Publication Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Communication
  • Digital Design