Genius S.

24/7 Availability for Urgent Translation Needs

My name is Genius Shroff. I have been working as a translator for 10 years for the for the all types of languages. We are available 24/7 to help your business reach a global audience anytime, anywhere. I am a highly skilled and experienced translator, who can translate all types of languages ​​into one language. I have the following skills: Native-level fluency in multiple languages Certified translator with 10+ years of experience Accurate and affordable translation services 24/7 availability for urgent translation needs I specialize in the following fields: business translation legal translation medical translation technical translation marketing translation I have worked for the following clients: Google Microsoft Amazon Apple Facebook If you need a reliable and affordable translator, contact me today. I'm eager to help your business reach a global audience. I translated a legal document for a multinational company within 24 hours, which helped them meet an important deadline. I translated a technical manual into 12 languages for a medical device company, which helped them expand into the global market. I translated an advertising campaign into 5 languages for a marketing agency, which helped them reach their target audience.