Akib H.

Responsive Web Designer | Tailwind | Bootstrap | Animation

🌐 Step into the realm of revolutionary digital solutions! 🌐 For over three years, I have had an immersive experience in problem-solving, transforming Figma blueprints into vibrant, responsive interfaces. My toolkit—enriched with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery animations—complements my proficiency in Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap, enabling me to weave engaging, visually stunning web narratives and help to grow small and medium-sized businesses. ✨ Here are the good fits 🎯: ✅ Startups Seeking Modern Web Presence: Entrepreneurs need responsive, stylish websites to showcase their products or services. ✅ E-commerce Platforms: Online retailers looking for sleek, user-friendly interfaces to boost sales and customer satisfaction. ✅ Tech Companies: Businesses requiring cutting-edge web applications with complex functionalities. ✅ Design Agencies: Creative teams in need of a front-end specialist to translate design concepts into functional websites. ✅ Bloggers & Content Creators: Individuals desiring visually appealing blogs or portfolios to engage their audience. ✅ Educational Institutions: Schools or online educators wanting interactive, educational websites for students. ✅ Non-profits & NGOs: Organizations aiming to increase their impact with an informative, easy-to-navigate website. ✅ Event Organizers: Professionals needing event landing pages with registration capabilities and user interaction. ✅ Marketing Firms: Companies seeking landing pages optimized for campaigns and conversions. ✅ SaaS Providers: Software-as-a-Service businesses looking for developers to enhance their platform’s user interface. These fit clients who can deliver high-quality, responsive, and interactive web solutions that align with their strategic goals. ⚡ Client endeavors: Navigating the complexities of collaboration: 🟢 Clients frequently encounter difficulties when seeking the perfect talent to fulfill their unique requirements. 🟢 Occasionally, they face hurdles in clearly expressing their project needs, resulting in discrepancies between expectations and outcomes. 🟢 Guaranteeing the final product aligns with their standards poses a prevalent worry, as clients rely on freelancers to consistently provide top-tier work. 🔥 An exceptional array of services awaits you in our repertoire: 👉 Clean Code 👉 W3C Validate 👉 Pixel Perfect 👉 Cross-browser compatibility 👉 Bug Fixing 👉 SEO Optimized 👉 Site Performance Rate 90%-95% ⚙️ Specialization: 🟢 HTML5 🟢 CSS3 🟢 JavaScript 🟢 Tailwind CSS 🟢 Bootstrap 🟢 jQuery Animation 🟢 React.js 🟢 Next.js 🟢 Material UI 🟢 Styles-Components 🟢 Adobe Figma 🟢 Adobe Photoshop 🟢 Git Let's bring your new web innovation vision to life. I love what I do. Let me help you to grow your business. Don't hesitate to reach out to me.


  • Web Application
  • Responsive Design
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Figma
  • Material UI
  • styled-components