Anandkumar T.

ERPNext Consultant & ERPNext Developer

I am responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of ERPNext, an open-source ERP System. System Design and Architecture: * Lead the design and architecture of ERPNext solutions, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and alignment with business requirements. * Collaborate with key stakeholders to gather and analyze business processes and translate them into technical requirements. Development and Customization: * Oversee the development and customization of ERPNext modules to meet specific business needs. * Code and implement complex features, enhancements, and integrations within the ERPNext framework. Integration and Data Migration: * Design and implement integrations between ERPNext and other systems or third-party applications. * Manage data migration processes, ensuring data accuracy and consistency during system upgrades or implementations. Troubleshooting and Support: * Address and resolve technical issues, bugs, and system errors. * Provide support to end-users and other team members, offering solutions and training as needed. ERPNext Upgrades and Maintenance: * Plan and execute ERPNext version upgrades, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations. * Perform routine maintenance tasks and monitor system performance. Documentation: * Maintain comprehensive technical documentation for ERPNext configurations, customizations, and integrations. * Create user guides and training materials for end-users. Collaboration with Stakeholders: * Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including business analysts, project managers, and system administrators. * Work closely with business stakeholders to understand evolving business needs and adjust ERPNext configurations accordingly. I assure you that I am a practical and logical guy with adequate common sense to understand your requirements, guide you properly and then execute them, what else do you need!! :)

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  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • Shopify
  • ServiceNow
  • Python
  • iOS

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Get started working with Anandkumar quickly with these predefined projects.

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