Guilherme B.

Scripts & Utilities | Physical Fitness

Guilherme is a person passionate about life and the opportunities it offers. From an early age, he demonstrated an interest in helping others and achieving his own goals. As a former Waldorf student, he learned to value creativity, individuality, and connection with nature early on. Additionally, his volunteer work at Camphill has shaped his worldview, teaching him the importance of inclusion, compassion, and community service. Over the years, Guilherme has constantly sought ways to grow personally and professionally, always in search of new challenges. Whether as a dedicated personal trainer, a visionary entrepreneur in the opening of a pizzeria, or in other endeavors, his journey is marked by overcoming challenges, moments of joy shared with friends and family, and the constant pursuit of fulfillment and happiness. Determination and passion are trademarks of his life, reflected in every achievement and in every new chapter written.


  • Portuguese
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • Spanish