Viktor J.

Content Writer / Academic Writer & Editor / PDF Forms Designer

I am a highly skilled literary researcher with a summa cum laude M. A. in Literature, an almost native knowledge of English, an excellent command of several graphics editors, word processors, and desktop publishing applications, and a three years' experience as an editor-in-chief/project manager at the largest publishing house in Macedonia. A hard and a reliable worker, I can help you with anything from flawlessly editing elaborate PDFs to designing elegant PDF forms, from making smart organizational tables and charts to preparing appealing PowerPoint presentations, from stylishly formatting OCR-ed Word documents to writing and laying out whole books, almost irrespectively of their type, genre, or complexity (virtually anything from creative fiction to researched academic papers on several topics). I am a fast learner with an exceptional capacity for quick thinking and problem solving, and I never sacrifice quality for speed or miss a deadline. SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS I have an in-depth understanding of the Microsoft Office suite, especially Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (any version beginning with 2003), meaning I am able to design and lay out a book for print from start to finish even in Microsoft Word (TOCs, styles, headers/footers, section breaks...) and work with intricate tables and pivots. I can convert numerous text-based formats and produce clean OCR-ed documents (using ABBYY FineReader 12), create intricate and fully functional forms (Word or InDesign based) in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro or Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4, and seamlessly edit PDFs (using Adobe Pro and the Enfocus PitStop plugin). I have a superb command of few Adobe Creative Suite products, particularly Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, but I use Adobe Photoshop to a satisfactory extent as well. WRITING CAPABILITIES Interested in a wide variety of subjects – ranging from history and theory of literature to prosodical aspects of poetry, from history of art to philosophy and aesthetics, from mythology and music to film history and theory – I am capable of writing papers and essays in English on any of these subjects in almost any style, ranging from academically erudite to lavishly ornate. LARGE-SCALE PROJECTS & WORK EXPERIENCE In addition to obtaining a strong academic literary background during my studies, as a respected employee, I have: ▪ monitored the implementation of a significant part of the project "Stars of World Literature", a 560-books edition financed by the Ministry of Culture with an intended goal of enriching Macedonian libraries with high quality translations of nearly every great literary masterpiece from "Gilgamesh" through "Crime and Punishment" to "Lolita". My responsibilities included choosing and contacting translators and proofreaders, editing the translations and approving them for print, meeting deadlines, approving payments. ▪ managed the implementation of the new curricula in math and science for students in all state primary schools, an on-going collaboration between Cambridge International Examinations and the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science; responsibilities in this case comprised of (but were not limited to) monitoring the translations from English to Macedonian and from Macedonian to Albanian, Turkish and Serbian; discussing the quality of the translations with Cambridge representatives; deciding on and making necessary cultural adaptations and revisions to the Macedonian editions, translating them and discussing their approval with Cambridge International Examinations; approving and sending the schoolbooks to print. ▪ actively participated in the selection of poets and poems for the five-volume "Anthology of World Poetry", another project of national interest funded by the Ministry of Culture. ▪ edited the translations and prepared the annotated critical editions of Djuna Barnes' “Nightwood” and Junot Diaz's “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”. ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS My organizational skills – which, at different occasions, have encompassed calendar management, creating complex Excel tables, document formatting, call and email handling – have been praised on many different occasions, by my superiors, by representatives from the Macedonian Ministry of Culture, and even by Cambridge International Examinations representatives.
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