Ian P.
PretoriaSouth Africa

An econometrician specializing in commodity analysis

Analytical and results-orientated econometrician and senior consultant with hands-on experience in managing economic research, market intelligence, and process automation projects, primarily within the mining industry. Proven record of success in designing commodity cost models, executing cost-containment strategies, managing commodity risks, and supervising the automation of business processes. In-depth understanding of economic relationships and market dynamics of input commodities. Demonstrated ability to perform market research, develop quantitative models, utilise data analysis tools, prepare written research reports and presentations, cooperate across business units to improve processes and data availability, and convert complex data into understandable graphs, tables and diagrams. Key Responsibilities: • Perform macro- and microeconomic analysis of key commodity markets, including steel, copper, crude oil, fuel and various other input commodities, and report on market conditions and findings. • Identify commodity cost drivers and factors that impact pricing and market trends. • Develop commodity cost models to monitor the inflation of clients’ input commodity basket and report cost savings. • Calculate commodity demand estimates based on local and international macroeconomic variables and commodity prices by utilising econometric techniques. • Gather, maintain and interpret commodity prices, macroeconomic indicators and index data/inflation indicators from various statistical data sources globally. • Submit reports and presentations on key input commodities, based on a client’s spend analysis, to assist clients in strategic sourcing studies and decisions. • Verify contract price escalations by means of cost component breakdowns or price adjustment mechanisms. • Provide analytical support to commodity managers and senior management in price escalation negotiations. • Support and train junior team members. Key Accomplishments: • Executed the index approach to contract price escalations that saved millions in cost. • Decreased risk of volatility in key input commodity markets by developing transparent price escalation formulas based on best practice and experience. • Integral in the concept development of a web-based contract management and market intelligence tool. • Successfully automated contract price escalation processes through the implementation of systems.


  • Cost Control
  • Agriculture & Mining
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Linear Regression