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Welcome to the Cheetahs group on oDesk!

Africa’s <a href="" target="_blank">Cheetah Generation</a> is a group of young, educated men and women who are actively working to change the fortunes of the continent.

We are well-educated, ambitious, highly conscious of global economic and political trends, and determined to succeed. We seek opportunities in commerce, industry, education, health and other sectors where we can actively and gainfully engage the rest of the world.

We believe the days of economic aid are over, and are eager to prove our worth to our counterparts in other parts of the world.

We are strongly persuaded that Africa will soon emerge as the Next Frontier of economic growth and success.

If you are a Buyer and would like to help The Cheetahs make a change in Africa, please post your job here. We welcome your support!

If you are a Cheetah and you are ready to take Africa to the next level, please feel free to sign up as a member of this group.


More about the Cheetah Generation:

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<a href="">Africa Rising - Africa's 'Cheetah Generation' Rises on the Net:</a> An Article by "Young World Rising" author, <a href=""</a>Rob Salkowitz

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