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Good intent isn't enough when it comes to implementing current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. The ever-changing landscape requires rigorous training, testing and constant updates.

This group is for search marketing professionals dedicated to staying current in the most advanced and ethical internet marketing techniques.

SEO Certified Practitioners have been trained and tested in:

  • Effective link building
  • Top ranking factors
  • SEO copywriting techniques
  • Keyword research methodologies
  • Website architecture for SEO
  • SEO project management practices

Interested in Joining?

In order to join this group, you must be a Market Motive Certified Practitioner or a Market Motive Certified Master. Taught by the world’s most recognized authors, speakers and industry thought leaders, each course comprises streaming video tutorials, phone conferences, instructor Q&A, and comprehensive online testing. Online certification and video training courses are available 24/7 and you can start your training right now by selecting your course below.

When you have completed your course and certification, provide your Market Motive user name or email for verification of your status. Upon verification of your certificate you will be added to this group.