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oDesk has partnered with eBay and its X.commerce platform. The X.commerce platform combines the power of eBay, PayPal, Magento, and all the ground-breaking commerce capabilities within the eBay Inc. family. X.commerce has launched a Developer Directory powered by oDesk. This Directory enables PayPal’s millions of merchants to find and hire developers on oDesk to implement and integrate PayPal into their commerce offerings. This partnership generates exclusive job opportunities for PayPal Group members on oDesk.

In order to be accepted into the PayPal Group and included in this Developer Directory, you must meet the following mandatory requirements:

1. Score 3.25 or higher (out of 5) on the PayPal Integration for Web Skills Test on oDesk.
Sign up for oDesk and then click here to take the PayPal test now

2. Create a free X.commerce developer account. Create an account today. See “Sign Up for X.commerce” link in upper right-hand side of page.

Once you have met these requirements, please click “Join this Group” above and submit your X.commerce username.