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<div><font size="4">Welcome to <b style="color: rgb(7, 55, 99);">TrueBLUE</b>!  <b style="color: rgb(7, 55, 99);">TrueBLUE</b> is a group of former IBM employees that you can now leverage through oDesk. These professionals are the same experienced and talented individuals that you previously hired through IBM. <b style="color: rgb(7, 55, 99);">TrueBLUE</b> offers high quality business and IT skills to customers at reasonable rates through oDesk.

<b>For Buyers:</b> If you are looking for the high quality and skills of former IBM employees, need access to dependable, proven individuals or a team energized to optimize your business, deliver your project, and make you successful, post your jobs and have <b style="color: rgb(7, 55, 99);">TrueBLUE</b> in your corner.</font>

<font size="4"><b>For Providers:</b> If you are:
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<ul><li><font size="3">a former IBM employee, or</font></li>
<li><font size="3">certified in IBM technologies with at least 10 years experience, or</font></li>
<li><font size="3">have over 15 years experience in IBM technologies</font></li></ul>
<div style="margin-left: 40px;"><font size="3">Then join this group & our team to find and bid on <b style="color: rgb(7, 55, 99);">TrueBLUE</b> job postings.</font></div>