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Welcome to Zendesk. Our mission is to transcend the traditional and cumbersome help desk and bring beautifully simple online service support, free from unwieldy ties, infrastructure and costs to all.

We are doing this by leveraging SaaS and the benefits of web-based communication and social media, to provide the only professional-grade on-demand help desk. Combining the convenience of the web and agile support, Zendesk extends good help desk karma to any company, large or small, looking to offer beautifully simple online support service that is flexible, rich and intuitive. Our agents offer the simplest and most efficient way to scale a customer support team from one to more than a hundred.

Here you will find agents, admins and integrators who are experienced with Zendesk and can help you transform your help desk and, more importantly, your business.

To learn more about Zendesk, view our instructional videos here.