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How can reports help me manage my team?
oDesk offers two types of reports (Timelogs and TimeAnalyze) to help users track their work. We pioneered the hourly model and it's become the method of choice for most oDesk employers and contractors; therefore, our most powerful reporting features are only available for hourly contracts only.
The more you know about your team, the easier it is to manage it. Our reports offer simple ways to track how many hours are being logged and what your team members are working on. A good manager will use these tools in combination with the team members' Work Diaries to stay informed. Reports are great for looking at the team's work in aggregate and tracking the big picture. But they'll never take the place of talking directly with your team members to manage their individual contracts.
Managing the team - including assigning tasks, monitoring work and ensuring an acceptable level of quality - is the employer's responsibility, not oDesk's. Please take full advantage of the available management tools to help your workteam succeed.
How can reports help me manage my work?
Tracking your progress is an important part of managing your work. Are you spending too much time on task X and not enough on task Y? How much time is being logged online versus offline? Is employer A's contract interfering with your ability to work for employer B? Our reports make it easy to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. But it's up to you to do the work and log the hours for us to report on!
What reports does oDesk offer?
Click on the items below to learn more about our reporting features.
  • Timelogs: A summary of all the payments and work that took place during the week. Download as a PDF file.
  • TimeAnalyze: A summary of your team's hours and tasks. Download as a CSV file.
  • Task Codes: A way to tag time for management and reporting of contractors' work.