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Team Admin

How do I use Team Admin?
You control your team's roster and permissions in Manage & Work > Team Admin. Your roster is who belongs to your team. Permissions control what the user can do.
Only users with admin privileges can access the Team Admin controls. By default, the company owner is the admin.
What do all these privileges mean?
Permissions control what a user can do within a team. Here's what each of the permissions means:
The user ultimately responsible for the company. A company (and therefore the teams within that company) can have only one owner. Only the owner can create additional team rooms within a company. Company ownership can be transferred, but you'll need to contact Customer Support. The owner is always an admin.
The user can add and remove users from the roster and control everyone's permissions. Admins always have full access to the team's financial account. Admins cannot create additional team rooms within a company.
The user has full access to the team's financial account, but cannot control the roster and permissions.
Hiring Manager
The user has full employer access to post jobs, interview, hire candidates, set weekly limits, change rates, make payments, and end contracts.
The user has limited employer access to post jobs, interview, set weekly limits and end contracts. They cannot hire, make payments, or change rates.
Staffing Manager
The user has control over agency contractors' job applications and rates.
Agency Contractor
Exclusive - The user can only work on behalf of the agency. All their earnings are controlled by the team's financial account. They cannot control their rates.
Non-Exclusive - The user can work as an agency contractor and as an independent contractor. The agency can only control their agency job applications and contracts. A user can be a non-exclusive agency contractor in multiple agencies.
Team Room Access
The user can access the team room with its associated Work Diaries and reports. The user can log hours to a Work Diary in this team and access the team's Bugzilla. A user with team room access only (and no contract) is called a colleague.
You're the owner of an agency. You need someone else to be able to control agency contractors' contracts and handle withdrawing their earnings. Add them to your team and give them staffing manager and financial privileges.
You're the owner of an employer company. You've got a project manager to handle your job posts and interviews, but want to have final approval over all new hires. Invite them to your team (or hire them if they're an oDesk contractor) then give them recruiter privileges.
How do I invite someone to my team?
Unless you have staffing manager privileges, oDesk assumes you're an employer inviting a colleague to join your team.
  1. Go to Manage & Work > Team Admin.
  2. Select the relevant team at the top left (if you're an admin in more than one).
  3. Click the Invite a new user link at the top right.
  4. Enter the person's email address or oDesk user ID. You can only invite one person at a time.
  5. By default, you'll invite the person as a Colleague. You can also give the person additional privileges in the advanced options. If you're not sure, just choose colleague. You can always change their privileges in Team Admin after the user accepts.
  6. Enter a Message to the user. This will be included in your emailed invitation.
  7. Press the Invite User button. The user will need to accept your invitation (and register on oDesk, if necessary).
Need someone to work on a job you posted? Don't invite them to join your team - hire them for a contract.
If you have staffing manager privileges, oDesk assumes you're inviting an agency contractor to join your agency. In step 5 above, you'll need to specify if the agency contractor is to be exclusive or non-exclusive. You can also add additional privileges (like making the user a staffing manager) in the advanced options.
You cannot add a user with an active contract as an exclusive agency contractor. Have them end their contract first or select non-exclusive and change it later in Team Admin.
How do I remove a user from my team?
To completely remove a user from your team's roster:
  1. Go to Manage & Work > Team Admin.
  2. Select the relevant team at the top left (if you're an admin in more than one).
  3. Check the Remove from Team box to the right of the correct user. You cannot remove yourself from the team.
  4. Press the Update Permissions button. If you change you're mind, you'll need to invite the user to join your team again.
Is the person you want to remove on contract? Don't remove the user in your roster - end the contract. If the user has additional privileges, remove those first.
You cannot remove an agency contractor who has an active contract.