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Policy 2.12: oDesk Skill Tests

2.12 oDesk Skill Tests (quoted from the oDesk User Agreement)

oDesk may provide skills tests through its own means or third parties. These tests are optional for the Contractors. They are meant as a data point in evaluating Contractors and are in no way a certification by oDesk of the User's ability to perform Services associated with a test. Manipulating test scores by providing or receiving answers to the test, allowing others to take the tests or any other attempt at falsifying credentials is a violation of this Agreement.

What are the testing regulations?
Contractors are required to comply with the following regulations while taking oDesk Skills Tests:
  • Any attempt to take a test on behalf of someone else is prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to obtain improper access to the test or any part of the test prior to your taking the test (by observing someone else take the test, discussing questions/answers with someone else who took the test, looking up test questions or answers online, etc.).
  • It is expressly prohibited to disclose, publish, reproduce or transmit any part of the oDesk Skills Tests, in any form, by any means, visual, verbal or written, for any purpose without the express written permission from oDesk. Taking ScreenSnaps during any test is strictly prohibited.
  • The tests are meant to be taken by a single individual only. Do not collaborate with other test-takers or refer to their screens, testing materials or written notes while taking the test. Do not copy questions and or answers or share them with other test-takers.
Please report any violations to oDesk by contacting Customer Support. Upon receiving any report, oDesk will investigate further and take appropriate disciplinary action.
What is the purpose of the oDesk Readiness Test?
The oDesk Readiness Test is an open-book, tutorial quiz intended to help familiarize new users with oDesk's systems, policies, and best practices. All oDesk contractors are asked to take the oDesk Readiness Test. Their ability to apply to job postings (quota) is restricted until they are certified oDesk Ready.
All polices are subject to the oDesk User Agreement. For further clarification or if you have any questions about a specific policy, please contact Customer Support. Violation of these guidelines may result in suspension or termination of your account. If you are aware of a potential violation, please report it to Customer Support.
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