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Brand Strategist Job Description

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What Does A Brand Strategist Do?

Brand Strategists are critical players in shaping a company's public image. They devise and execute branding plans to position a company favorably in the market. These professionals combine market research, competitive analysis, and an understanding of consumer behavior to craft compelling brand narratives. Their work ultimately enhances brand awareness and drives business growth.

A Brand Strategist develops a comprehensive branding strategy encompassing everything from brand voice and messaging to visual identity and marketing tactics. They work closely with marketing teams to ensure that all aspects of the brand are coherent and effectively communicate its unique value proposition. The goal is to create a strong, memorable brand that resonates with consumers and stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Brand Strategist Job Outlook

The demand for Brand Strategists is increasingly significant in a world where market differentiation is key to business success. As companies strive to establish a unique presence in competitive industries, the need for skilled strategists who can craft impactful brand stories is more important than ever. The job outlook for this role is optimistic, with opportunities spanning various sectors, including retail, technology, healthcare, and more. The evolving nature of digital marketing and consumer engagement also opens new avenues for Brand Strategists, particularly those adept in digital platforms and analytics. Professionals with a blend of creative thinking, analytical skills, and an understanding of modern marketing techniques are well-positioned for success in this field.

Services Brand Strategists Provide For Businesses

Brand Strategists offer services vital for building and maintaining a strong brand. They conduct thorough brand audits to assess current positioning and perception in the market. By identifying gaps and opportunities, they develop strategies to enhance brand equity and customer loyalty. Their services include defining brand mission, vision, and values; developing messaging frameworks that resonate with target audiences, and advising on brand aesthetics and visual language. Additionally, they collaborate with marketing and design teams to ensure consistent brand representation across all touchpoints, from advertising campaigns to social media and customer service. In essence, Brand Strategists help businesses create a coherent and compelling brand narrative that attracts customers and fosters long-term relationships with them.

The template below will help you craft a powerful Brand Strategist job description that will enable you to attract the best candidates. 

Job Overview

Our team is looking to onboard an innovative brand strategist who will become the perfect missing piece to our brand’s puzzle. We need someone who can immediately position our brand as an industry leader. This role requires you to understand our company goals, research the competition, and develop strategies based on your findings. Having a solid foundation in marketing is necessary. An analytical approach and exceptional communication skills are also required. 


  • Develop and implement brand strategies that align with the company's goals and values
  • Conduct market research and analyze trends to identify opportunities for brand growth
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure consistent brand messaging across all channels
  • Monitor brand performance and develop recommendations for improvement
  • Develop and manage brand guidelines to ensure consistency in visual and verbal identity
  • Present brand strategies and insights to stakeholders and team members
  • {{Add any other responsibilities specific to your company or role}}

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field
  • Proven experience in brand strategy, marketing, or a related role
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to draw insights from data
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Proficient in marketing and analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and SEO tools
  • Ability to work well in a collaborative team environment
  • {{List any additional skills, qualifications, or certifications specific to your industry or role}}
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  • $35 hourly
    Astghik S.
    Brand Strategist
    • 5.0
    • (80 jobs)
    Yerevan, ER
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Brand
    Covers & Packaging
    Food Packaging
    Brand Guidelines
    Corporate Brand Identity
    Package Graphics
    Concept Design
    Product Label
    Graphic Design
    Label & Packaging Design
    Brand Identity & Guidelines
    Packaging Design
    Print Design
    Logo Design
    Design creates the longest shadow! If you thought design is a cost head, think again. When present, it not just enhances the look, but also the performance of a product. It can significantly improve the delivery of a service. All this can create a ripple effect that transfers real value to a consumer and improves his experience of a brand. Design is an essential attribute of a brand! Most businesses commit their maximum resources over material, labor, operational, infrastructure etc. However, all those things generally have no direct impact on a customer. A customer has nothing to do with it. If you really want to create an impact, invest in design.
  • $35 hourly
    Mykhailo S.
    Brand Strategist
    • 5.0
    • (24 jobs)
    Kyiv, KYIV CITY
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Brand
    Image Editing
    Brand Identity & Guidelines
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guidelines
    Logo Design
    Cover Art Design
    Branding Template
    Adobe Illustrator
    Icon Design
    Email Design
    Graphic Design
    Digital Marketing Materials
    Brand design expert with 6+ years of experience in tech companies, startups, and design agencies. The main direction and passion now are brand identity, logo design, photo manipulation, infographics, and presentation. Services: 👉🏻 Design company logo and branding 👉🏻 Brand Identity Design 👉🏻 Print marketing materials 👉🏻 Icons, custom graphics, etc. 👉🏻 Web Design 👉🏻 Photo Editing I'm an experienced user of Adobe creative suite, Figma, AI Art, and other design tools. Quality is the main attribute of my work. I always keep in touch, and bring each project to an end. Feel free to contact me - let's do something great together!
  • $350 hourly
    Marshall G.
    Brand Strategist
    • 5.0
    • (1 job)
    Cedarhurst, NY
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Brand
    Pitch Deck
    Social Media Ad Campaign
    Video Ad
    Corporate Strategy
    UX & UI
    Corporate Brand Identity
    Label & Packaging Design
    Web Development
    Sales & Marketing Collateral
    Mobile App Design
    Print Design
    I am an award-winning Creative Dir. / IX Designer with 25+ years experience. My personal portfolio displays my wide range of print and interactive design strategies. Serviced firms include: A&E Television, CNBC, Conde Nast, MasterCard, Moneyline, NEC, Oscar de la Renta, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Ralph Lauren, Taco Bell, W Hotels, WIRED, Warner Bros., others. With my extensive experience and mastery of design tools, I deliver design projects rapidly, so I bill fewer days. Clients have shared how I optimized their sales and attracted funding: Successes include: • Increased sales & traffic 300-750% • Drove 2M impressions in 2 weeks scripting+producing social media videos • Amassed 78,000 opt-in subscribers to email newsletters in 3 weeks • Attracted expansion capital for a major New York telecom • Attracted capital for a super-exotic auto manufacturer Skills Set: • branding: logo, brand books, style guides, design systems • package design, product lines, construction • websites & apps: UI/UX, strategy, e-comm, landing pages, user flows, wires, prototypes • social media content / ad mgmt. • video scripting & production, animation • HTML emails / advertising design • copywriting: voice, tagline, body copy • illustration, iconography: Ill. & Photoshop (expert) • data visualization, infographics • presentations • print, collateral, publications • HTML/CSS • Google Analytics With mastery of design tools, I bring projects to market rapidly. I welcome a conversation. "Through your design of our new corporate branding and marketing materials for many of our properties, sales have risen dramatically. In addition, these promotional materials have enabled us to obtain the necessary financing to expand." Alfred West, CEO Xchange Telecom “Glenn Foods Inc. has developed and distributed over 40 items in 15 years, employing outside agencies for creation of packaging and sales materials. Of all our lines, the branding created by Marshall Gisser have brought us the most attention and compliments from our industry. More important, we have realized extremely strong sales figures. We can attribute this success to the up-scale, sophisticated branding created by Mr. Gisser.” Arlene Leibowitz, Sales & Mkt. Mgr. Glenn Foods, Inc.
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