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    Experienced Business Plan Writer committed to delivering a 5-star experience with comprehensive Business Plans and Pitch Decks! Key Facts: 12 years’ experience | 300+ business plans | $100M+ Raised | Top-Rated Freelancer | Over 95% Visa Approval Rating | Worked for Fortune 500 Companies What I Offer: A comprehensive, investor-ready, professional, practical, and aesthetically appealing Business Plan/Pitch Deck. Business Plans For: • SBA Loans • Investment • Future Roadmap • Visa (E1, E2, EB2-NIW, L1, L2, EB5, UK Innovator, UK Startup, Canadian Startup) • Job Interview • Amazon DSP Program • Franchise What is Included: Executive Summary | Business Overview | Company Profile | Products & Services | Mission & Vision | Pricing Plan | Operational Plan | Operational Strategies | Implementation Plan | Industry Analysis | Market Analysis | Market Segments | Key Market Trends | Target Market | Competitive Analysis | S.W.O.T. Analysis | Marketing Plan | Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Management Team | Organizational Structure | Roles & Responsibilities | Personnel Plan | Financial Model | Key Financial Statements | Profit & Loss Statement | Balance Sheet | Cash-Flow Analysis | Break-Even Analysis | Key Financial Performance Indicators (KFPI) | Financial Analysis | Multiple Revisions Relevant Skills: Ability to Work Independently and Meet Deadlines | Business Development | Business Model Development | Business Plan Development | Business Planning | Business Plan Writing | Business Presentation | Business Proposal Writing | Cash Flow Analysis | Competitive Analysis | Excellent Writing and Communication | Financial Analysis | Financial Forecasting | Financial Modelling | Financial Projections | Fundraising | Market Research | Research and Analysis Services Provided: Business Plan Writing | Business Plan Development | Business Planning For Startups | Business Plan For Nonprofit Organizations | E1 Visa Business Plans | E2 Visa Business Plan | L1 Visa Business Plan | L2 Visa Business Plan | EB2-NIW Visa Business Plan | EB5 Visa Business Plan | Canadian Startup Visa Business Plan | ICT Canada Business Plan | UK Innovator Visa Business Plan | UK Startup Visa Business Plan | UK Founder Visa Business Plan | SBA Loan Business Plan | Real Estate Business Plan | Business Cases | Business Proposal Writing | Business Analysis | Business Strategy | Business Operations | Business Management | Marketing Strategy | Market Analysis | Business Presentation | PPT | Financial Analysis | SWOT Analysis | Cash Flow Analysis | Business Model Development | Investor Pitch Deck | Pitch Deck Industries Covered: ✓ Accounting & Finance ✓ Advertising & Marketing ✓ Advisory Services ✓ Aerospace ✓ Agriculture ✓ Air BnB ✓ Amazon DSP ✓ Ambulance ✓ Apparel ✓ Art Gallery ✓ Automotive ✓ Bakery ✓ Banking ✓ Bitcoin ✓ Biofuel ✓ Block Chain ✓ Business Consultancy ✓ Call Center ✓ Cannabis ✓ Car Body parts ✓ Car Driving ✓ Chemicals ✓ Cleaning ✓ Coffee Truck ✓ Construction ✓ Consumer Electronics ✓ Cryptocurrency ✓ Cyber Security ✓ Daycare ✓ Drug Rehab ✓ E-commerce ✓ Education ✓ Electric Vehicle ✓ E-Learning ✓ Energy ✓ Entertainment ✓ Excavation ✓ Fashion ✓ Fertility ✓ Financial Services ✓ Fintech ✓ Flooring ✓ FMCG ✓ Food & Beverages ✓ Food Truck ✓ Furniture ✓ Gaming ✓ Gym ✓ Healthcare ✓ Health-tech ✓ Hospitality ✓ Hospitals ✓ Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe ✓ House Flipping ✓ Insurance ✓ Interior Design ✓ IT ✓ Jewelry ✓ Laundromat ✓ Law and Legal Practice ✓ Logistics ✓ Luxury Retail ✓ Management Consultancy ✓ Manufacturing ✓ Meal Kit ✓ Medicine ✓ Mobile App Development ✓ Music ✓ Non-Profit Organizations ✓ Nursing ✓ Oil Refinery ✓ Performing Arts ✓ Play Area ✓ Power Bank ✓ Real Estate ✓ Recruitment ✓ Renewable Energy ✓ Restaurants ✓ Retail ✓ RV Vans ✓ SaaS ✓ Solar Energy ✓ Sports ✓ Stainless Steel ✓ Sustainability ✓ Swimming Pool Construction ✓ Swimwear ✓ Technology ✓ Transport ✓ Trucking ✓ Tutoring ✓ Vacation Rental ✓ Water Bottle ✓ Water Park ✓ Wholesale ✓ Yoga Send me a message, and let's explore the possibilities!
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    Business Writing
    Financial Writing
    Pitch Deck
    Work Visa
    L-1 Visa
    Fundraising Presentation
    Business Operations
    Business Modeling
    Business Analysis
    Business Presentation
    Business Continuity Plan
    Business Proposal Writing
    Business Plan Writing
    Business Proposal
    Business Plan
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    With over 10 years experience in business plan writing and specialized industry experience with the SBA and conventional bank guidelines, I am the complete package to help you create a strategic business plan, to achieve your funding goals and objectives - Give me a chance. Over the last ten years, I have worked with small, medium, large, and global corporations to create EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PLANS that helped startups, new enterprises, and fortune 500 companies generate FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES through SBA loan, bank loan, government financing, grants, and minority opportunities First, let me share with you, what past clients said about me:: • Emmanuel is an excellent business plan writer who values every single dollars and we are super thankful to him for working with us on a tight budget. In the end, he delivers a mind-blowing business plan, business proposal, and also completes our business case profile. It is a privilege's to be recommending him. Thanks again for your help - James Albert from Florida, United States • Myself and my wife had a tough time choosing a business plan writer on this platform, but this guy caught our attention and we decided to give him a chance. For more than 20 years, I and my wife have never been in agreement over a single decision, but today, we unanimously agreed that Aina is a professional business plan writer and we are happy we worked with him. Less I forget, our business plan has been approved! Laura and Mathew. Second, get to know about me:: For over a decade, I have worked as a Business Plan Writer, Executive Business Plan Reviewer, and Funding Incubator Officer and I have been involved directly in the successful planning and implementation of over 100 startups - in over 20 countries, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, UAE, Europe, and the rest of Africa. As a Business Plan Writer with incredible business writing skills, business planning strategy, business modelling, business plan, and business continuity planning capability, I have worked with leading organizations that are responsible for funding startup businesses in North America - this includes, SBA loan departments, small scale business banking institutions, and crowdfunding agencies for startup entrepreneurs. Through my on-the-job work experiences with these organizations, I have gathered unrivaled expertise needed to write WINNING BUSINESS PLANS that SBA offices, BANKS, and INVESTORS are looking for and I know how to craft a business plan that will compel loan organizations and grant providers to sign the approval document. Third, why I'm I special and what makes me amazing? • I have worked directly with entrepreneurs, business owners, business managers, and CEO's of startup businesses and I have helped them in raising over $500M in investment funding. So, I know what it takes to write incredible business plans that is relevant and effective. • I have proven academic pedigree and work experience that makes me a top flying candidate; including bachelors degree, masters of business administration, project management certification, and I have over a decade experience in business consulting, business coaching, and business case documentation writing. • Having worked within the SBA funding disbursement department, I have first hand knowledge about what the SBA offices are looking for in a business plan. By combining my writing fluency with my work experience - I guarantee that you will receive an effective business plan that will help you raise the fund you are looking for. I have the capability to write a winning business plan for a trucking, logistics, transportation, home care, elders care, restaurant, bar/wine, coffee/tea, real estate, hospitality, medical, fitness &gym, retail/wholesale, cannabis, agriculture, eCommerce, and all types of businesses. Contents Included • Executive Summary • Company Overview and Description • Business Overview and Summary • Mission and Vision Statements • Goals, Objectives, and Milestones • Products and Services Description • Industry Analysis and Summary • Market Statistics and Reports • Industry Summary, Facts, and Figures • Economic Relevancy and Analysis • Strategy and Implementation Summary • Execution Strategy and Plan • Marketing Plan, Social Media Plan, and Offline Plan • SWOT Analysis • Financial Analysis and Excel Spreadsheet I am available to jump on a call to discuss your project needs, business plan requirements, and expectations. Please send me a message to learn more about your needs and to discuss why I am the most qualified freelancer to help you make a difference and help you get the loan, investment, and funding that you need for your business launch, project scaling, and startup funding. Best Regards, Emmanuel
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    Market Research
    Business Consulting
    Grant Writing
    Funding Needs Assessment
    Marketing Plan
    Financial Plan
    Investor Overview
    Executive Summary
    Business Writing
    Business Plan
    Business Strategy
    Business Proposal Writing
    Business Planning & Strategy
    Business Plan Writing
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    Snapshot: 600+ Business Plans I 15+ years experience I Top Rated I 100M+ raised I'm Khurram Sattar, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience specializing in crafting comprehensive business plans, detailed feasibility studies and robust financial models. With a track record of excellence, I've assisted numerous clients in transforming their concepts into actionable strategies that pave the way for success. In my role as a business plan writer, I possess the expertise to craft detailed and compelling business plans tailored precisely to your requirements. Whether you're a budding startup in need of funding, an established enterprise planning expansion, or an entrepreneur seeking fresh opportunities, I'm equipped to effectively articulate your vision and strategy. I have worked on very detailed feasibility studies based across four continents and assisted employers in decided the viability of their ideas. Furthermore, my proficiency as a financial modeller enables me to create precise and dynamic financial models essential for informed decision-making. From revenue projections to expense forecasts, I'll ensure your financial models are resilient and accurate, furnishing valuable insights to drive your business planning endeavors. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a meticulous eye for detail, I endeavor to surpass your expectations and deliver results that propel your projects forward. Let's join forces and transform your business aspirations into tangible reality!
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    Immigration Business Plan
    Real Estate Business Plan
    Business Planning & Strategy
    Business Plan Writing
    Feasibility Study
    Financial Analysis
    Data Entry
    Financial Planning
    Microsoft Excel
    Intuit QuickBooks
    Financial Modeling
    Business Valuation
    Business Strategy
    Business Plan
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    I am a top-rated Business Plan Writer and CEO of Aceplans - a boutique business plan writing company with a history of producing more than 1,000 business plans. 🏆 A seasoned Business Plan Writer having 14+ years of progressive work experience, I create impeccable quality business plans and pitch decks that get you the results. I can help you prepare Investor Business Plans, Equity Firm Business Plans, VC (Venture Capitalists) Business Plan, UK immigration Business Plans (Innovator Founder Visa), US immigration Business Plans (E1 Visa, E2 Visa, L1 Visa & EB5 Visas), and Canada immigration (Start-up Visa), among others. I also assist with other strategic business plans including Franchise Business Plans, Feasibility Business Plans, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Business Plans and others. I offer the following value proposition: ✅ Unlimited revisions in the business plan ✅ Professional layout and presentation ✅ 100% accuracy guaranteed ✅ Fast turnaround ✅ Consultation with the business plan expert I really look forward to meeting with you and discussing your business idea and requirements. Hit the contact button and let's get started! 👋
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    Business Writing
    Market Research
    Immigration Business Plan
    Business Modeling
    Financial Modeling
    Business Plan Writing
    Business Planning & Strategy
    Venture Capital Consulting
    Startup Consulting
    Business Plan
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