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  • $75 hourly
    -- Over 30 years experience as a journalist and freelance writer -- Award-winning author of two books -- College Admissions Essay Coach -- Also worked as a newspaper editor, and have experience in advertising and public relations -- Exceptional writer, editor, and proofreader -- Graduate of University of Florida, Journalism Work Experience: Freelance Writer - 1995 - Present Essay Expert - Score at the Top Learning Center - June 2019 - Present College Essay Coach - 2014 - Present Author - Young Adult novel Crossing the Line published by WiDo Publishing (2018) Children's novel Jonathan's Journey to Mount Miapu, (2008) Workshop/Retreat leader - 2001 - Present Public Relations Director/Director of Operations - Barry Lynn Marketing & Advertising - 1991-1995 Assistant Editor and Editor - Jewish Advocate of South Broward, 1987-1991 Specialize in magazine feature writing, profile articles, and advertorials, which have appeared in numerous publications, including South Florida Parenting magazine and the Sun-Sentinel real estate section. Received writing awards from the Parenting Publications of America. Have worked for Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Fla., on a freelance basis for over 15 years. Work has included writing press releases, writing speeches for university president, writing university newsletters, and copy for annual report. Currently, write feature articles that appear in the university's award-winning alumni magazines. Also specialize in college admissions coaching, assisting students with their admissions essays and college applications. Associations: Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Feature Writing
    Journalism Writing
    Essay Writing
  • $50 hourly
    Hi, if you're reading my profile, the best way to work with me is to offer $99 for a 1.5-hour consultation. Use the time to "pick my brain" about book publishing or for promotion strategies before and after publishing. Visit tina koenig dot com to schedule a consultation or email tina at tina koenig dot com. And check out my new book How to Self-Publish Like A Pro. Epub or PDF of book included with a consultation. As part of the consultation, I provide: - a free example book marketing plan - timing for a launch schedule - a list of book review services You may also purchase my new book How to Self-Publish Like A Pro on Amazon.com. My newest service is setting up Amazon advertising. My book clients have been interviewed/appeared here: WVLT Writer's Block, NBC NEWS, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, CBS, KING5 (Seattle), The Independent (UK), the Montel Williams' show Let's Be Blunt, The Atlantic, Refinery29 (Vice Media), Readers' Digest The Healthy, and others. I pitch to the highest-level contacts, including NPR. And yes, if your book is good enough, I'll pitch Oprah for you. I also target specialized segments like business, health/wellness, romance, and niche markets like equestrian, and more. If you are an author or publisher, please contract here for the book publishing or promotion consultation at $99. I will accept that offer right away. In return, you will receive 90 minutes to discuss your writing goals and a marketing plan. You may hire me for additional projects after that based on agreed-upon rates. That way meet each other before working together. And you'll get a realistic idea of what the book publishing and sales landscape looks like. Before our call, please upload your book's PDF, plus a media kit (if you have one), and website links so I can familiarize myself with your work. Visit my website at tinakoenig.com for faster booking and scheduling. I've worked with major NYC publishing houses (HarperCollins, Harper Business, Wiley, Llewellyn, Knopf, and small presses) on author promotion and appearances. I help global clients understand the U.S. Market. I've worked with clients in Africa, Australia, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Norway, South America, and Singapore. When you work with me, you'll get tremendous value because of my experience. If you have a full-time job, I work to promote your book or handle query letter submissions to help you obtain an agent. I'm also able to walk you through a strategic marketing plan that can vary depending on your budget. And you'll get other ideas to generate income. Here's a quick outline of my skill set: - help you find an agent - write query letters - author branding - press kit creation - book publicity - Amazon ad creation - review research - author & book market positioning - author book tours -- signings and booking (the U.S. mostly) - author and business websites - press releases - authors and brands - press release distribution (from top tier services like PR Newswire and Business Wire) - mailing list set-up and list uploading to MailChimp, Constant Contact, and others - formatting recommendations, vendors - work with designers on your book cover - Social media audits (I evaluate and polish your social media author profiles.) - Social media content and calendar planning - Basic business set-up to accept payments - anything else you can't or don't care to do because you work full-time and want a life Here's a bit more detail if you're not sold yet! I have a 360-degree grasp of integrative public relations and marketing for books and major brands. I book authors into libraries, bookstores, and alternative venues throughout the U.S. as well as promote to online, print, radio, and television. I have strengths in many areas of writing, marketing, and communications but clients really love my crisp, creative writing as well as my ability to make complex ideas and/or instructions easy to understand. I also like to be funny. I love helping authors, businesses, and non-profits grow followings and sell books and products. I also enjoy creating templates and documents that set standards in business and developing communications plans for others to follow. A typical example would be a brand guidelines document or social media policy for an organization. Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of press releases, corporate communications documents, policy documents, letters, and memos that are clear, concise, and error-free. I've developed content and editorial calendars and managed social media platforms that included Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for both government and private institutions. Some of the consulting work that I do involves helping authors and businesses decide which website platform to choose. I've built and continue to run several websites, so my consulting is based on a hands-on application of platforms and experience. I'm also an expert-level writer & editor.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Author Bio
    Book Summary
    Book Marketing
    Amazon PPC
    Book Editing
    Project Management Professional
    Social Media Training
    Newsletter Writing
    Marketing Communications
    Book Writing
    Public Relations
    Creative Writing
  • $60 hourly
    Product Marketing expert with experience in social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, video editing, and Adobe suite applications. Proven track record of leading digital marketing initiatives and creating engaging content for social media and email campaigns.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Lead Generation
    Email Marketing
    Lead Generation Analysis
    Email Automation
    Email & Newsletter
    Social Media Content
    Video Editing & Production
    Video Production
    Video Editing
    Social Media Advertising
  • $50 hourly
    I'm a Graphic and Textile Designer with over 25 years of experience creating high-quality, unique design projects. The passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail allowed me to produce exceptional work that meets the specific needs of my clients. Great experience with consumer products for major licenses such as Disney, Warner, Dream-Works, Budweiser, Mattel and many more. In-depth knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, Photography and illustration. E-Commerce Specialist (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wayfair), Product listing creation, PPC Campaigns, A+ Content, webpages, marketplace management, listing optimization, SEM, SEO and Product Photography. I have 2 certifications from Amazon: - Amazon DSP Campaigns - Amazon Sponsored Ads My expertise in the textile color separation process allowed me to work as a Consultant for large companies in Brazil, USA, Guatemala, Mexico, and India. Through my assistance, they were able to improve the quality of their printed products, resulting in dramatic increases in profitability and competitiveness. The recent completion of a Specialization in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Pennsylvania has provided me with in-depth knowledge of trademark, copyright, and patent matters. This expertise enhances my ability to protect and leverage intellectual property assets, a valuable skill in today's competitive business landscape. My educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design with a focus on Graphic Design, along with a Post-Graduation in Marketing Management. I have also recently completed the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce certification, which enhances my expertise in digital marketing strategies. Regular communication is important to me, so let’s keep in touch. I'll do my best to help your business succeed.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Digital Marketing
    Logo Design
    Product Photography
    Business Consulting
    Amazon FBA
    PPC Campaign Setup & Management
    Amazon PPC
    SEM Optimization
    Photo Editing
    Graphic Design
    Textile Design
  • $50 hourly
    Greetings! I'm Manuel Tello, a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. My journey in the digital realm began with a burning curiosity for the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing. Fuelled by a determination to make a mark in this dynamic industry, I embarked on a quest to understand the intricacies of digital marketing and funnel building. After completing my studies in digital marketing, I found my true calling and took the leap to establish my own digital marketing company, Genius 1 Marketing. 🏢 At Genius 1 Marketing, we are a team of innovative and driven professionals with a shared vision: to elevate businesses through the power of digital marketing. With a focus on social media marketing, copywriting, email marketing, funnel building, and content creation, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater to our clients' diverse needs. Our mission is to deliver remarkable results, enabling businesses to stand out in the crowded online landscape. 📈📝 As a specialist in social media marketing, we harness the potential of platforms to build brand presence, foster authentic connections with audiences, and drive impressive growth. Our exceptional copywriting skills breathe life into brand messages, captivating and persuading audiences to take action. Leveraging the art of email marketing, we nurture leads and establish meaningful relationships that lead to higher conversions and customer retention. 🛠️🎯 Moreover, our prowess in funnel building ensures a seamless and optimized customer journey, maximizing conversions at every step. With an unwavering commitment to creating engaging and valuable content, we help businesses tell their stories, leaving lasting impressions on their target audience. Through Genius 1 Marketing, we strive to empower businesses to unleash their full potential in the digital realm, delivering measurable success and tangible growth. 🚀🌟
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Photo Retouching
    Photo Editing
    Email Campaign Setup
    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Ad Campaign
    Social Media Advertising
    Email Copywriting
    Email Marketing
    Email Campaign
    Digital Marketing
    Sales Funnel Builder
    Email Automation
  • $32 hourly
    I'm Alejandro Vagnoni, a highly skilled copywriter specializing in crafting compelling narratives for email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and various social media platforms. With a passion for words and a dedication to excellence, I excel in creating persuasive ad copy that drives engagement and delivers measurable results. My expertise lies in writing captivating email marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences and prompt action. Whether it's crafting attention-grabbing headlines or developing persuasive calls-to-action, I ensure that every piece of copy is meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of my clients. From crafting compelling Facebook ads to scripting impactful YouTube videos, I possess a keen understanding of consumer psychology and utilize this knowledge to create content that not only captures attention but also drives conversions. In addition to my writing prowess, I'm known for my commitment to timely delivery and exceptional customer service. I understand the importance of meeting deadlines without compromising on quality, and I strive to exceed expectations with every project I undertake. Building strong relationships with my clients is paramount to me. I take the time to understand their unique goals and objectives, allowing me to deliver customized solutions that drive success and foster long-term partnerships. With a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and outstanding results, I'm dedicated to helping businesses elevate their brand through strategic copywriting and marketing initiatives. Whether you're looking to boost engagement, increase conversions, or enhance brand awareness, I'm here to help you achieve your goals with creative, compelling copy that leaves a lasting impact.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Website Copywriting
    Campaign Copywriting
    Sales Funnel Copywriting
    Email Copywriting
    Sales & Marketing
  • $25 hourly
    Hello! Are you looking to outsource your Admin, Writing or Data Entry needs to a skilled, highly-detailed and efficient person? I can free up your time by providing: - White Copy - Administrative Services - Data Entry/Editing/Proofreading - Creative and Informative Articles - Press Releases I am proven and skilled in Word, Canva, Excel, Macros, SEO, Yoast, WordPress, Let's streamline and get started on your next project! Message me to discuss your needs!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Editing & Proofreading
    Research Methods
    Property Management
    Virtual Assistance
    Article Writing
    Blog Writing
    Data Mining
    Real Estate
    Yoast SEO
    SEO Writing
    Data Entry
    SEO Backlinking
  • $59 hourly
    Let's collaborate to solve you & your startup's biggest challenges. I'm an engineer & academic lecturer turned full-time CEO at an early-stage B2B SaaS startup as well as a part-time venture partner at a VC fund where I invest $50k-$300k into early-stage startups. I've raised money for my own startup from top accelerators, angels, and institutional funds. I also have experience seating on the other side of the table reviewing hundreds of founders' pitches and diving into technical due diligence as a venture capitalist. I've taught bi-semester classes at the University of Miami on the management of technological innovation where I guided students through various topics critical for the success of bringing emerging tech to market. I graduated from the NVCA's VC University program offered by UC Berkeley Law where I received specialized training on venture finance alongside entrepreneurs, investors, and attorneys. Treat me as your temporary COO, some of the types of problems we can overcome together: 1) Feedback on pitch decks, data room, email templates, evaluating term sheets, and other processes needed for a successful early-stage fundraise. 2) Hiring frameworks to recruit & evaluate A+ talent including potential co-founders to your team. 3)Forming comprehensive go-to-market strategies including business model, market segmentation, customer acquisition playbooks, pricing, and marketing strategies. 4) Evaluate if your tech has achieved product-market-fit and create a clear roadmap for derisking the venture in the eyes of investors 5) Intellectual property strategy for protecting the value you've created + basic company formation & governance structures. and much more. Beyond excited to learn more about what you are building and help you & your team build the future.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Elevator Pitch
    Competitive Analysis
    Pricing Strategy Consulting
    B2B Marketing
    Go-to-Market Strategy
    User Experience Design
    Consumer Research
    Intellectual Property Consulting
    Venture Capital Consulting
    Lean Startup
    Management Consulting
    Startup Consulting
  • $35 hourly
    I am Alessandra Giovanna, a dedicated Social Media Manager with a passion for leveraging digital platforms to engage audiences and drive brand awareness. I specialize in crafting compelling content strategies tailored to each platform's unique audience. My experience includes creating and curating content, managing social media accounts, analyzing metrics for performance optimization, and implementing effective campaigns to meet business objectives. I'm committed to staying updated on the latest trends and innovations in social media marketing.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Film Editing
    Content Creation
    Media Planning
    Creative Direction
    Social Media Management
    Digital Marketing
    SEO Content
    Social Media Advertising
  • $30 hourly
    Although my experience is primary in Marketing & Sales, I am open to help with any service from copywriting to customer servicing. Let’s chat! • 10+ years of expertise in customer service, sales, and marketing. • Technically proficient with QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Matrix, POS systems, Canva, Dotloop and CRM programs. • Proven ability to lead, anticipate needs, drive suggestive sales, and adapt through effective communication. • Member of a top-selling team, ranking in the top 1% of agents in South Florida and honored in the Florida Top 100.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Outbound Sales
    Real Estate
    Customer Relationship Management
    Communication Skills
    Freelance Marketing
  • $50 hourly
    As a master storyteller, content strategist, and copywriter with over two decades of experience and a perfect command of Spanish and English, I've crafted copy and content marketing efforts for multiple niches, including showbiz and the publishing and fishing industries. I am passionate about writing and obsessed with performance to foster engaged communities, increase brand awareness, and convert followers to customers.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Copywriting
    Story Development
    Email Marketing
    Digital Marketing
    Script Analysis
    Editing & Proofreading
    Content Writing
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