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At A Glance: Digital Sculpters

3D modeling has become a powerful tool that increasingly shows up in movies, video games, advertisements, and professional schematics. It can range from a simple gecko selling car insurance to massive cityscapes where heroes and villains battle it out on the silver screen. The technology that’s used to create and sculpt these models is growing ever more sophisticated and diverse every year, and so are the professionals who make them. Digital modeling and sculpting has become a powerful visual tool that can make lasting impressions on any audience or market, and having access to an expert digital sculptor can change the way you and your business are viewed.

A digital sculptor is an expert artist, whether they’re self-taught or educated formally through a university. Hiring a digital sculptor who is on Upwork gives you the ability to select the artist with the background and style that most closely fits with your professional or personal needs. Digital sculptors excel not just in reproducing the form of their subject, but also the texture and lighting so as to give an added breath of life to each work they produce. Digital sculpting consultants are digital sculptors who can look at your project and advise you on which aspects of it would benefit the most from adding digitally sculpted elements. Digital sculpting consultants can also put you in touch with essential resources and technologies that your business or project may require to move forward. Both digital sculptors and consultants are highly collaborative and provide a dynamic way to introduce 3D concepts and forms into any project.

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August 24, 2016


Python: A Powerful Language for High-Traffic, Data-Heavy Apps

Python is hugely valuable to companies that need to quickly prototype new products and data-focused companies that need to integrate statistical analysis into their workflows. In this article, we’ll explore what sets Python apart from other programming languages, why it’s popular with data scientists, and what you should look for in a Python engineer.

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August 23, 2016

Web Development

6 Reasons Sass Should Be In Every Front-End Developer’s Toolbox

CSS pre-processors, like Sass, are one tool that no front-end developers should live without. Here’s a look at how the Sass CSS pre-processor can supercharge productivity, help developers write more succinct CSS, and keep files organized.

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August 22, 2016

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