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  • $15 hourly
    - Professional Proofreading (Spanish), more than 6000 hours of experience. - Transcriptions (Spanish), more than 5000 hours of experience. - Translations: from English and Portuguese to Spanish (native), 6 years of experience. Hello I'm Teresa. I have a degree in Tourism and I'm currently working as a full time Freelance and I would love to help you with your project and you will notice that I do it with detail. I will make sure that your content looks natural, error free and adapted to the local audience: Latin America, Spain or if you need it, neutral Spanish. The topics I usually work with are: - Fitness and wellness - Sports in general - Educational topics - Travel and tourism Of course, I never close myself to work with different topics. I can help you perfect your content in Spanish, whether you have it in ebook format, website, PDF, blog, editables files, videos, etc. Skills: - WordPress - InDesign - Adobe Acrobat - SEO On-Page - Research - Canva - Elementor - Copywriting - Email Marketing Languages: - Spanish (Native) - English (Bilingual) - Portuguese (Bilingual) What I promise you: - Excellent spelling and detailed work. - Perfectionist in the activities that require it. - Punctual delivery times. - Work done to achieve the best possible result. You can visit my website where I take care of 100% of the content. The content is about Fitness and Nutrition, it may not be related to your project, but it is so you can get to know a little about my work. teresimone.com It will be a pleasure to work with you and help you get a perfectly proofread/translated Spanish content. Thank you, Tere == Hola soy Teresa. Soy licenciada en Turismo y actualmente trabajo como Freelancer a tiempo completo con: - Corrección/edición profesional de textos (español), más de 6000 horas de experiencia. - Transcripciones (español), más de 5000 horas de experiencia. - Traducciones: de inglés y portugués a español (nativo), 6 años de experiencia. Me encantará poder ayudarte con tu proyecto y notarás que lo hago con mucho detalle y claridad. Me encargaré de que tu contenido se vea natural, libre de errores y adaptado a la audiencia local: Latinoamérica, España o en caso que lo necesites, español neutro. Los nichos con los que suelo trabajar son: - Fitness y bienestar - Deportes en general - Educación - Viajes y turismo Por supuesto, no me cierro a trabajar con temas nuevos. Puedo ayudarte a perfeccionar tus contenidos en español, ya sea que los tengas en formato de ebook, website, PDF, blog, archivos editables, videos, etc. Experiencia en: - WordPress - InDesign - Adobe Acrobat - SEO On-Page - Research - Canva - Elementor - Copywriting - Email Marketing Idiomas: - Español (Nativo) - Inglés (Bilingüe) - Portugués (Bilingüe) Mi compromiso: - Excelente ortografía/gramática y trabajo detallado. - Perfeccionista en las actividades que lo requieran. - Plazos de entrega puntuales. - Trabajo realizado para lograr el mejor resultado posible. Puedes visitar mi sitio web en el que me encargo al 100 % del contenido que es sobre Fitness y Nutrición, quizás no esté relacionado con tu proyecto, pero es para que puedas conocer un poco de mi trabajo. teresimone.com Será un placer trabajar contigo y ayudarte a conseguir un contenido en español perfectamente traducido/revisado. Gracias, Tere == Olá, sou a Teresa. Sou formada em Turismo e atualmente trabalho como Freelancer em tempo integral com: - Correção/edição profissional de textos (espanhol), mais de 6000 horas de experiência. - Transcrições (espanhol), mais de 5000 horas de experiência. - Traduções: de inglês e português para espanhol (nativo), 6 anos de experiência. Eu adoraria poder ajudá-lo com seu projeto e você notará que o faço com detalhe e clareza. Vou garantir que seu conteúdo tenha uma aparência natural, livre de erros e adaptado ao público local: América Latina, Espanha ou, se você precisar, espanhol neutro. Os tópicos com os quais costumo trabalhar são: - Fitness e bem-estar - Esportes em geral - Educação - Viagens e turismo Claro, estou sempre disposta a trabalhar com temas novos. Posso ajudá-lo a aperfeiçoar seu conteúdo em espanhol, seja em e-book, site, PDF, blog, arquivos editáveis, vídeos, etc. Experiência em: - WordPress - InDesign - Adobe Acrobat - SEO On-Page - Research - Canva - Elementor - Copy - Email Marketing Línguas: - Espanhol (Nativo) - Inglês (Bilíngue) - Português (Bilíngue) Meu compromisso: - Excelente ortografia/gramática e trabalho detalhado. - Perfeccionista nas atividades que o requerem. - Prazos de entrega pontuais. - Trabalho realizado para obter o melhor resultado possível. Você pode visitar meu site onde eu cuido de 100% do conteúdo que é sobre Fitness e Nutrição, pode não estar relacionado ao seu projeto, mas é para que você possa conhecer um pouco do meu trabalho. teresimone.com Será um prazer trabalhar com você e ajudá-lo a obter um conteúdo perfeitamente traduzido/revisado em espanhol. Muito obrigada, Tere
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Sports & Fitness
    SEO Writing
    Copy Editing
    Health & Fitness
    English to Spanish Translation
    Error Detection
    Editing & Proofreading
    Blog Writing
    On-Page SEO
    Castilian Spanish
    Latin American Spanish Accent
    Academic Proofreading
  • $50 hourly
    Hi! I'm a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English. I have worked for more than 10 years for a non-profit organization doing secretary work, proofreading, and translating different types of documents from English to Spanish. So I can guarantee an accurate, natural, and meaning-based translation of any document you may need. My job also implied researching and providing answers and solutions to questions and inquiries that people had, so I feel confident about dealing with people and their questions in a patient, responsible and kind way. I can be the reliable customer service agent you are looking for! English or Spanish no problem. I am also skilled in producing virtual events. I have experience working on Zoom, Webex and MS Teams platforms. I can help you planning, setting up and hosting your event, providing all the technical support and behind-the-scenes work needed so that your event runs smoothly!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Google Docs
    Hosting Zoom Calls
    Customer Support
    English to Spanish Translation
    Customer Service
    Audio Transcription
    General Transcription
    Video Transcription
    Zoom Video Conferencing
    Microsoft Teams
    Latin American Spanish Accent
  • $65 hourly
    I am a US-born English and Spanish-speaking native with over ten years of online work experience. Overview: I am skilled in Zoom video meetings (hosting, tech support, organizing), live English-Spanish interpretation, English-Spanish translating, and teaching English. ZOOM CONFERENCING: Every week, I host and moderate Zoom meetings with a wide range of attendees. Starting from setting up the meeting to hosting, managing the waiting room, setup breakout rooms, overlooking the chat, tech support, and other work behind the scenes, I can handle your meetings successfully. TRANSLATION: I have been translating documents, memos, articles, videos, on-screen text, and doing voice recordings for over three years now. The base material covers a wide range of topics and themes. The material also varies in length from short paragraphs to several pages of work. INTERPRETATION: Growing up English- Spanish bilingual, I have been doing live interpretation for over 30 years. ENGLISH TEACHING: I have been teaching English online for over ten years. I have a strong focus on grammar and pronunciation.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Microsoft Teams
    Zoom Video Conferencing
    Language Interpretation
    English to Spanish Translation
    Event Management
    Adobe Connect
    Spanish to English Translation
    Live Interpretation
  • $40 hourly
    Josue has taught English for more than 10 years and also interpreted to different kind of professionals.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Spanish to English Translation
    English to Spanish Translation
    US English Dialect
    British English Accent
    English Punctuation
    English Tutoring
    English Grammar
    Language Interpretation
    Live Interpretation
  • $12 hourly
    Hello, my name is Brian Steven. I'm a Petroleum Engineer with work experience in gas transportation for a big company where I would prepare documents for revision and help with tasks as volume measurement, where I needed to be fluent in English. I only do manual translations that will sound natural and will research and use special glossaries to ensure every word is in the correct context. At your service, Brian
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Critical Thinking Skills
    Latin American Spanish Accent
    Latin American English Accent
    Data Entry
    English to Spanish Translation
    Spanish to English Translation
  • $20 hourly
    I am a University Technical Superior in Electricity, mention Instrumentation and Control, complete course CCNA, with studies of Systems Engineering. Solid training in the area of Information Technology and Infrastructure for Data Networks. Extensive experience in technical support, network engineering, preparation of economic offers, pre-sale and post-sale activities, negotiator, account management, technical and human resource management, project management, logistics, statistics and training. Professional Competences:  Analytical ability, flexible in the face of changes in the environment, resilient and achievement oriented.  Loyal, proactive, methodical and persevering  Excellent willingness to attend and negotiate with clients, both corporate and general public.  Proven track record of working under pressure, solving problems, and making decisions.  Planning and administration of projects in the area of telecommunications infrastructure  Design of IP networks in copper, coaxial and / or fiber optic, CCTV and access control  Advanced domain of MS Windows operating systems, MS Office applications, antivirus, design, configuration and installation of LAN, WAN, routers and switches.  Easy to communicate, transmit knowledge and manage groups in training environments.  Extensive experience in repair and maintenance of electronic equipment, especially computers and their peripherals
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Wiring Design
    Wireless Network Implementation
    Fiber Optics
    Network Design
    Colombian Spanish Dialect
    English to Spanish Translation
    Spanish to English Translation
    Venezuelan Spanish Dialect
    Structured Cabling
  • $25 hourly
    Business writing and creative writing ability. Careful translation in both accurate text and text meaning transmission. I guarantee a natural and appealing translation! Fast and precise typing. I can also manage your accounts efficiently. I am also skilled in producing virtual events. I have experience working on Zoom. I can help you planning, setting up and hosting your event, providing all the technical support and behind-the-scenes work needed so that your event runs smoothly!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Spanish to English Translation
    English to Spanish Translation
    Customer Service
    General Transcription
  • $10 hourly
    My professional career began in the Quality area, where I acquired the necessary skills for the implementation and maintenance of quality systems (ISO 9001). Later on, I had the opportunity to work for an international company, where I was responsible for developing a safety culture in all of its sites located in 7 countries. This experience allowed me to develop leadership skills and work in a team with multiple cultures. In my most recent work experience, I worked for an US e-commerce company, where I led the Dispatch team. This team was responsible for placing orders with suppliers, tracking deliveries to the company's warehouse, and ensuring the dispatch of products in the correct time frame. Thanks to this experience, I was able to apply my previously acquired knowledge and skills in the Quality area, as well as improve my leadership and teamwork skills. Additionally, I have hands-on experience with the Airbnb platform through managing several properties on a short-term basis within my family. This allowed me to become familiar with property administration, including handling bookings, guest communication, and ensuring a positive guest experience. Now I would like to continue my carreer as Freelancer in logistics, Customer Service or ecommerce in general.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Order Fulfillment
    Supply Chain & Logistics
    Administrative Support
    English to Spanish Translation
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Visio
    Logistics Coordination
  • $5 hourly
    Proficient in English translations and web-developement and php frameworks and MySql, with a lot of experience in Wordpess, Magento and Drupal
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    Mexican Spanish Dialect
    Web Design
    Spanish to English Translation
    WordPress Multisite
    English to Spanish Translation
  • $6 hourly
    Bio: Hello, my name is Juan Pablo, a versatile professional with a dynamic skill set as an Architectural Draftsperson, adept Social Media Manager, and skilled Real Estate Virtual Assistant. I offer a powerful combination of precision in design, strategic social media expertise, and efficient administrative support for the real estate industry. With a strong proficiency in AutoCAD, social media management tools, and administrative tasks, I'm committed to delivering excellence across multiple domains. Since the pandemic I have dedicated myself to create content for realtors, paid campaigns, subtitles for youtube channels among other things. What I Offer: Architectural Drafting Expertise: 🏢 Precise Design: As an Architectural Draftsperson, I transform concepts into meticulously detailed architectural drawings using AutoCAD. My focus on accuracy ensures that every design specification is faithfully translated into technical drawings. 👥 Collaborative Approach: I thrive in collaborative environments. Working closely with architects and designers, I transform sketches into comprehensive technical drawings that serve as a solid foundation for successful projects. Social Media Management Skills: 📣 Strategic Engagement: As a Social Media Manager, I understand the art of online engagement. I've crafted and executed successful social media strategies that boost brand visibility, increase engagement, and drive conversions across various platforms. 📊 Analytics-Driven Approach: I utilize data-driven insights to refine social media strategies and optimize content. My proficiency in analyzing metrics ensures that every campaign's performance is monitored and enhanced. 🎨 Creative Content: My knack for creative content creation translates seamlessly from architectural drawings to social media posts. I bring a fresh perspective to visual and written content, resonating with audiences and maintaining brand consistency. Real Estate Virtual Assistant Skills: 🏠 Administrative Efficiency: With experience as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, I provide top-notch administrative support to real estate professionals. From managing appointments and listings to coordinating client communications, I ensure seamless operations. Why Choose Me: I'm dedicated to enhancing your architectural visions, elevating your brand's online presence, and ensuring the smooth operation of your real estate tasks. Contact me today to discuss your architectural, social media, or real estate needs. Let's collaborate to make your goals a reality.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Translation English Spanish
    English to Spanish Translation
    Instagram Ad Campaign
    Facebook Ads Manager
    Real Estate Video
    Real Estate Lead Generation
    Content Creation
    Community Management
    Real Estate Virtual Assistance
    Customer Support
    CAD Drafting
    Social Media Marketing Plan
    Media Buying
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