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At A Glance: Korean Freelancers

Whether you’re a business owner looking to tap into a new market abroad or an individual hoping to increase your cultural literacy and linguistic versatility, a skilled bilingual freelancer can be a tremendous asset in helping you achieve your goals. Bilingual freelancers can assist in a variety of tasks, including localizing information with appropriate cultural references, writing or editing technical documents and marketing copy, transcribing recorded audio, or assisting with language learning. Localization can even include adapting things such as video games or films for a particular audience. One of the best ways for businesses to successfully influence a new market abroad is by crafting original content in the language of the prospective new customer base. This is well within an experienced translator’s purview. For individuals, learning a new language is personally rewarding and important in today’s world. A bilingual freelancer can offer tutoring and help you better understand the culture with which that language is associated.

Korean language skills, in particular, can be quite useful. South Korea is one of the fastest-growing developed countries in the world. Its market economy ranks 11th in the globe by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and 13th by purchasing power parity, making it a highly desirable market for established businesses and startup entrepreneurs alike. A talented freelancer, such as those you’ll find on Upwork’s virtual marketplace, can help you connect with potential Korean investors, business partners, customers, or friends more effectively. The professionals you’ll find on Upwork are versatile, and many maintain flexible schedules in order to accommodate needs in relation to time zone differences and project deadlines.

Enterprise Solutions

Meet the New BPO: Cloud-Sourcing

In the old days, all work had to be done onsite. Then we outsourced to cut costs and increase productivity. Later, we near-sourced for longer work days that followed the sun. And we in-sourced to optimize employee competencies. Although each of these workflow evolutions were beneficial, they still limited us. Meet the new global workflow: cloud-sourcing.

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September 27, 2016

Web Development

Intro to APIs: What Are APIs and What Do They Do?

Application programming interfaces (API) have been around since the 1960s. So if they aren’t a new concept, why are they such a hot topic lately? Without APIs, the digital experiences that we expect every day as consumers wouldn’t be possible. Here’s a brief introduction to what APIs are and what they can do from Upwork’s free ebook, The API Economy.

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September 26, 2016


Why You Should Use AsyncTask in Android Development

In Android applications, background threads are excellent ways to improve user experience by offloading work from the main thread. One go-to tool is AsyncTask, which is designed to handle tasks without blocking the main thread. Here’s a look at AsyncTask and why Android developers should be using it.

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September 23, 2016

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