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  • $50 hourly
    Your business is more than just important to you: it’s your lifeblood, purpose, sweat, tears, energy, and it’s YOURS! It’s personal, and you don’t trust it being handled by just anyone. I understand being an entrepreneur myself! I am a business growth advisor specializing in marketing and lead generation to help you bring in more traffic, more customers, and more sales. My team and I have over a decade of experience helping businesses like yours develop marketing systems for sustainable growth. I know you’re busy, so let’s get straight to the point. If you want to show up more when your potential customers search for your products or services, create sales and brand loyalty from your existing customers and subscribers, and stand out from your competition, then keep reading. Everything I do to help you is ROI-focused and allows you to make the most informed decisions when investing in the future of your business. I am passionate about your success! When we work together, I'll help you develop your unique digital blueprint that helps you have a focused path to follow to achieve the level of success you want for your business. The results you’ll see are more customers now, ensuring you’ll have more customers later added to your pipeline for sustainable growth. The number one reason why marketing fails is simply because the wrong strategy is used at the wrong time. I'd love to talk with you to see what your business really needs and if we'd be a good fit to work together, so please reach out. I’ll help you take your business to the next level. Talk soon, Laurel
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Facebook Ad Campaign
    Google Ads
    Search Engine Marketing Strategy
    Search Engine Optimization
    Email Communication
    Email Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Strategy
    Email Marketing
  • $100 hourly
    * Previously worked for Microsoft Advertising * Top-Rated Top 10% on Upwork * Managed over $10 Mil in Google Ads * Google Certified in Search, Display, YouTube & Google Analytics G4 * Google Partner * CPA & CPL specialist with a focus on lead generation * Data-Driven & ROI focused * A/B testing * White label Google Ads service for agencies * Working Hours Mon to Fri 9 am to 5 pm EST I have experience in setting up and managing pay-per-click accounts with Google AdWords. I have been working in the search engine marketing industry for over 8 years now and love what I do. I specialize in lowering the cost per acquisition or cost per lead while bringing in quality traffic. My focus is to bring you quality traffic, leads, calls, or conversions. I have experience in: PPC Audits Google search Display network Bing Ads Remarketing YouTube Advertising Gmail Ads Lead Generation Conversion Tracking Local Campaigns Google Shopping CRO Strategy Pmax (Performance Max Campaigns) Tools I have experience with 1. Google Optimize 2. Lead Pages 3. SEM Rush 4. Google Analytics G4 5. Google Editor 6. A/B Testing I have managed PPC accounts for many different types of businesses 1. Auto, Motorcycle & Boat dealerships like Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Honda, Toyota, Harley-Davidson & more. 2. Subscription websites 3. Airport parking & transportation 4. Moving & storage 5. Medical/Healthcare industry (Detox Centers, Drug Rehab, Fertility Clinics, Doctor Offices, etc) 6. Wedding planners 7. Finance 8. Online services 9. Home repair services 10. Law Firms 11. Restaurants - steakhouses, Pizza shops etc 12. travel based services 13. Lawn care/landscaping services 14. many small to medium-sized businesses
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Social Media Advertising
    Pay Per Click Advertising
    Facebook Ads Manager
    Google Ads
    Search Engine Marketing
    Google Analytics
    Google Display Network
    PPC Campaign Setup & Management
    YouTube Marketing
  • $100 hourly
    I am an Expert Vetted Contractor on Upwork. I have almost a decade of experience in the digital marketing space. I have managed 100s of social media accounts for small and large businesses. I proven track record of transforming businesses into authority figures in their niche, I offer a unique blend of creative and strategic skills designed to make your brand shine on social media. What sets me apart? I excel at out-of-the-box thinking, crafting compelling content, and coaching business owners to deliver their best performance on camera. I have helped individuals gain 100k followers, won awards at trade shows, and have been trusted by celebrities, actors, politicians and famous business people with their content creation process. I have also worked with brands such as Hard Rock Cafe, Skechers, Red Bull, Maserati, IHOP, Chevy, Le Creuset, Kitchaid, Vitamix, Traeger Grills, Power House Gyms, and businesses from all around the world. The overall service I provide is: Comprehensive Content Ideation: I generate unique, tailored content ideas that resonate with your brand and audience. Professional Acting Coaching: I guide you through each filming session, ensuring your on-camera performance is top-notch. Script Writing: I deliver impactful scripts designed to capture attention and deliver your message effectively. Video Editing: I handle all your post-production needs, delivering polished, ready-to-share content. Social Media Posting: I manage your posting schedules to make sure your content reaches your audience at the right time. Community Engagement: I help build an interactive community and make sure your audience feels heard and appreciated. If you are a business owner looking to amplify your brand's reach and influence through short-form video content, then I believe we are a perfect match. Let's connect and make you and your brand unforgettable!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    B2C Marketing
    Social Media Design
    Social Media Content
    LinkedIn Plugin
    Digital Marketing
    Content Strategy
    Search Engine Optimization
    Content Creation
    Social Media Marketing
    Graphic Design
    Web Design
    Social Media Management
  • $60 hourly
    I create custom fast-loading WordPress websites. 🛡 Brand design that builds confidence with your customers. 💡 Innovative design to help authenticate your brand image. 📈 Designed with conversion optimization to boost leads and sales. 📲 Entirely responsive design with a mobile-first approach. 🔒 Secure Hosting package available. ✅ Your satisfaction guaranteed. Why choose me? Unlike other designers, I have an extensive background in business development, sales, and digital marketing which helps me to truly understand what website will work best for you and your customers. What makes me qualified? After being fully certified in full-stack web development from the University of North Carolina I spent years working inside top digital agencies to learn the behind-the-scenes of what makes client websites successful. I bring big-business design/marketing tactics to your small business website in order for you to build a trusted brand within your industry. I've personally built over 100 websites with WordPress in the past 3 years and have experience with almost every industry. Other skills? I am a Web3 developer that has built several successful NFT projects and built three dApps using React. Ready to get started? Let me know about your project!! ______ Website Mockup Design, Logo Design, WordPress Design, Elementor, Divi, Conversion Rate Optimization
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Marketing Automation
    Web Design
    Landing Page
    Gravity Forms
  • $100 hourly
    A seasoned professional with decades of experience providing consultation from the Fortune 5 to the less than 5 small businesses. Expert advice for business planning, sales management, process and system design, and solutions implementation for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Solutions are custom built with your available software, and tailored to your business. Whether it's process improvement or software development, all implementations are focused on reducing expenses and improving profitability. From the initial marketing outreach, to sales support, to operations, delivery, and maintaining customer satisfaction, I can improve your business end-to-end.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Management Consulting
    Customer Relationship Management
    Sales Optimization
    Business Plan
    B2B Marketing
    Company Research
    Sales Development
    Business Planning & Strategy
    Price & Quote Negotiation
  • $105 hourly
    🏅 I am a Google Ads and Analytics Certified Professional with over a decade of experience. I have a background in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Local Marketing, and Review Management. My biggest passion is helping small and medium sized businesses demystify PPC and drive a positive ROI through AdWords Search and Social Advertising (FB, LinkedIn, IG). 📈📈 During my tenure in digital marketing and advertising I have run my own business, worked in big agencies like iProspect, and been a dedicated vendor for smaller agencies. I have managed advertising spends up to $600,000 per month for a single client across Google, Bing, and Yahoo where it was all managed in Search Ads 360 (previously Doubleclick). In other scenarios, I have managed $100,000/mo campaigns for 30 clients at one time across Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and AdRoll. I specialize in Paid Traffic (PPC) campaigns ranging from $1,000 -$1.5M in monthly spend, and my clients work in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to: - Dentists (Cosmetic, Pediatric, Sedation, and General Dentistry) - Restaurants/Fast Food/Drive Thru - Realtors (Residential and Apartment Locators) - Energy Companies (Residential and Commercial) - Residential Maid Services - Janitorial Services - Carpet Cleaning Companies (Residential and Commercial) - Transmission Repair - Full Auto Care - Disaster Recovery/Restoration Services - Bakery Goods - Home Services and Improvement (Remodeling, Custom Homes, Handyman, Glass/Window Installation) - Managed IT Services - Franchise Lead Generation (B2B) - Moving Companies - Product/Subscription Campaigns via Webinar Opt-in (FB, IG, Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn) - Live Event Campaigns (FB, IG, Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn) - Lifestyle Coaching Multi-Channel Ad Campaigns (FB, IG, Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn) All businesses are different but I can guarantee you that all strategies and techniques that I use are built with a full circle approach in mind: Increasing Brand Recognition -- Driving Quality Traffic, Leads, & Sales -- Increasing Retention Rates. Technology-wise, I offer fluency with essential trade tools, including AdWords, Analytics, WordPress, Unbounce, Microsoft Office Products, Search Ads 360 (aka Double Click), Facebook Ads Manager, RevealBot, and AdEspresso. Specific note that I'm exceptionally good at advanced Excel best practices and am an avid subscriber of Mr. Excel. I absolutely love internet marketing and thrive on its constant evolution and growth. I pride myself in staying on top of the latest updates and industry publications. Additionally, I have up to date Google certifications in Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Analytics. Furthermore, I have certifications in Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini. [Current Setup] Dual Monitor 24'' Screens and MacPro laptop with 16gb Memory and a 1TB HD. I am available for both white label agency and/or client facing project work. This may include one time set ups and audits or ongoing programs, requiring day-to-day optimization and management. ⭐️Skillset/Common Tasks ➡️Keyword Research ➡️Competitor Analysis ➡️Bid Management ➡️Budget Optimization ➡️Negative Keywords ➡️Search Query Analysis (SQR Analysis) ➡️Conversation Optimization ➡️Ad Copywriter ➡️A/B Ad Testing ➡️Conversion Tracking ➡️Landing Page Design/Optimization (Unbounce) ➡️RSA Ad Creation ➡️ Script Writing ⭐️Benefits You Will Receive: ✔️Improved ROI ✔️Higher Quality Search Traffic ✔️Decreased Bounce Rate ✔️Increased CTR ✔️Expanded Search Impression Share ✔️ROI ✔️Lead Generation ✔️I'm really fast. Here are some testimonials from past and current clients! Most of these reviews are public on Google and Yelp. "Dialed-In has been hands down the best investment we have made at our practice. From the personal attention, attention to every detail, great service, great monitoring of results, Doug backs up his services with ACTION! We wasted tons of money with other companies on services that could not be tracked nor measured, why? because other companies simply do not do the work. We have been more than happy with the quality of work and the follow up reports we get on a regularly bases. Five stars for sure. We wish we could give Doug and his company even more, well deserved." - Dawn Campbell (Elite Dental & Orthodontics) "We at Veterans Auto Services have really appreciated Dialed -In. Doug Bryson was great to work with. He closely monitored our companies reviews and was always quick to act with ideas and would implement them to make sure that our company was in full view the public. Thank you Doug and Dialed-In for all that you do. You have brought success to our door and we thank you. I highly recommend their services." - Wendy Burns (Veterans Auto Services)
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Off-Page SEO
    On-Page SEO
    Amazon Advertising Console
    Pay Per Click Advertising
    Search Engine Optimization
  • $75 hourly
    📞 We help high-ticket B2B companies book more sales meetings by implementing our proprietary cold outreach system. We won't accept your money if you're not making a massive ROI from our system. We only win if you win. That's the only way we do business. If you're interested, let's set up a time to chat to see if this would work with your offer. Other names for this type of service include: Business Development Sales Development Prospecting Social Selling Cold Email Cold Calling Cold Outreach Lead Generation Appointment Setting
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Sales Consulting
    Sales Leads
    Sales Strategy
    Sales Lead Lists
    Business Development
    Sales Development
    Sales Call
    B2B Marketing
    B2B Lead Generation
    Cold Call
    Cold Calling
    Cold Email
    Appointment Setting
  • $25 hourly
    If you want to transform your marketing into a sinister lead-generating machine, you came to the right place. My name is Jefferson, and I can release a steady lead gen invasion to your business using Google Ads and other marketing methods. After serving businesses for the past 3+ years, I narrowed down the top 3 struggles you are most probably familiar with: 📉 Not bringing in enough qualified leads on a consistent basis 📉 Not knowing how to handle your advertising cost-effectively 📉 Not achieving your marketing campaigns’ maximum potential I am here to change that! Here’s how: 📈 Performance-focused Google Ads that are optimized for steady ROAS 📈 Refined lifetime value of every customer with tactical email & direct mail systems 📈 Engaging landing pages & calls to action (CTA) designed for sustainable conversion What separates me from others, however, is cost-effectiveness. I bring custom-tailored lead gen strategies that will identify the perfect mix of keywords & copy to secure more conversions at a lower cost per click (CPC) than ever before. If you are struggling to attract new leads and secure the right clients, we might be a match. If this sounds like your cup of tea, I invite you to book a call for a free marketing assessment. P.S. Send me a message with your biggest marketing struggle at the moment and I will record a personalized video response. Until then!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Marketing Consulting
    Sales Funnel Copywriting
    Google Analytics
    SEM Optimization
    Email Automation
    Google Ads
    PPC Campaign Setup & Management
    Digital Ad Campaign
    Landing Page
    Local Search Ads
  • $999 hourly
    Marketing professional in the blockchain industry | Major network of hundreds of NFT/cryptocurrency/play-to-earn influencers totalling 50+ million followers | Expert level paid digital/paid social cryptocurrency/NFT marketing | Organic social media content creation and management | Team of professional Discord/Telegram community moderators
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
  • $125 hourly
    I am an award-winning content producer, full-stack data-driven marketer, and sales growth hacker. I have a proven track record leading high-profile creative and technology projects for startups. In 2022, I shifted to private consulting for tech companies and small businesses. For over a decade, I held senior marketing roles at startups. Most recently, I was the Chief Marketing Officer of PARKLU, a marketing and analytic SaaS company, until its acquisition by Launchmetrics, a leading brand performance SaaS company. I then served as the VP of Marketing APAC until late 2021. My proficiencies include: Marketing, B2B Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Product Marketing, Account Based Marketing, Branding, Data Analytics, Growth Hacking, Lead Generation, Communications, B2B Sales, Public Relations, Project Management, Public Speaking, Content Writing, Lean Startup, Budget Administration, SEO/SEM, Video Production, Microsoft Office, Keynote, Adobe, Final Cut, Hubspot, Salesforce, Word Press, Google Workspace, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Adwords
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Personal Branding
    Looker Studio
    Public Relations
    B2B Lead Generation
    Budget Proposal
    Branding & Marketing
    Startup Consulting
    SEO Strategy
    Content Marketing
    Influencer Marketing
    Sales & Marketing
    B2C Marketing
  • $19 hourly
    I have extensive experience in researching various topics which translates well into many different fields. I have mainly focused on criminal Justice reform and persuading people to take action when injustices occurs. I have produced various mediums of content based on research I have conducted including policy briefs, infographics, and op-eds. Additionally I have the capability of writing at a graduate level while also being able to adapt to audiences by removing academes and unnecessary jargon.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Prospect List
    Research Methods
    Data Analysis
    Trend Analysis
    Adobe Photoshop
  • $49 hourly
    My mission is to help local companies grow their business by using a blend of creativity, data-driven strategies, and market insights to craft bespoke campaigns that resonate with your target audience. I promise to treat your business as our own, always connected with your customers, and ahead of the competition. Learn more at d21agency.com!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Creative Strategy
    Search Engine Optimization
    Social Media Advertising
    Google Ads
    Email Marketing Strategy
    Customer Retention Strategy
    Landing Page Optimization
    Digital Marketing Strategy
  • $55 hourly
    A seasoned sales professional with over two decades of extensive experience, I bring a proven track record in diverse sales domains, including inside and outside sales, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), with a specialization in high-ticket sales. My comprehensive expertise spans across various industries, such as real estate, oil and gas, retail, and advertising. Throughout my illustrious career, I have consistently delivered exceptional results, surpassing sales targets and fostering long-lasting client relationships. My adaptability and versatility in navigating different sales environments, from boardrooms to retail floors, have honed my skills in identifying unique client needs and tailoring compelling solutions. In high-ticket sales, I have demonstrated a knack for closing complex deals, showcasing a deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies of the products or services involved. In the real estate sector, I have negotiated multimillion-dollar transactions, providing clients with expert guidance through the intricate world of property investment. Within the oil and gas industry, I have established meaningful connections with key stakeholders and successfully managed intricate, high-value contracts. My experience in retail has equipped me with an understanding of consumer behavior and an ability to drive product sales and foster brand loyalty. Moreover, I have excelled in advertising sales, crafting and delivering persuasive pitches that resonate with clients while ensuring the successful execution of marketing campaigns. My career exemplifies a commitment to exceeding expectations, building extensive networks, and consistently driving revenue growth. I am now eager to leverage my substantial sales expertise in a new professional endeavor, contributing my insights and skills to propel businesses and sales teams to greater success.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Sales Leadership
    B2B Lead Generation
    Outbound Sales
    Sales Consulting
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