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  • $8 hourly
    I have 3 years experience with virtual assistance and administrative tasks which include web/online research, formal document verification from organisations and product reviewing.I also do design services nsuch as Resume creation/revamp,Logo design, company profilling, Flyers,brochures, invitation and web design. I have obtained a Higher certificate & Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.I am knowledgeable of the following programming languages;CSS,PHP, JavaScript,MySql DBMS.I am computer literate open to any related entry-level contract or permanent work offered.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Online Chat Support
    Social Media Marketing
    Customer Support Plugin
    Topic Research
    Quantitative Research
    Web Design
    Database Design
    Data Entry
    Accuracy Verification
    List Building
    Google Docs
  • $40 hourly
    Are you looking for a digital project manger or marketing specialist that can make your business goals a reality, WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK, using proven strategies? Hi I'm Luandre! I have been a digital marketer for 6 years and over this time have served as a digital consultant & coach for many different entrepreneurs in mainly the MMO niche (Coaches, consultants, service providers, etc), building funnels, membership sites, courses as well as managing marketing teams in a boutique marketing agency. I have spent a lot of time and resources to study and learn from some of THE BEST marketers in the world and this is what I bring to the table today! MY CORE SKILLS INCLUDE: - Marketing Strategy - Team Management - Client Onboarding & Coaching - Sales Funnels - Course Creation - Physical & Digital Product Launch - Software integration I am a very results driven individual and will go the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience and successful outcome. So, if you are ready to exponentially grow/scale your business & need a new team leader that will ensure your long-term success, then make sure to get in contact with me today or invite me to apply for your next project! I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Luandre
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Digital Project Management
    Sales Funnel Copywriting
    Sales Letter
    Project Management
    Social Media Advertising
    Web Development
    Website Redesign
    Digital Marketing
    Marketing Automation
  • $30 hourly
    The Social Co was established in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic in Pretoria, South Africa and has since grown from strength to strength. Through clear communication and fully understanding our client's business, environment and objectives we create a sustained long term relationship between ourselves and our client and we have the track record that proves this. We specialise in: - Content Creation - Brand Identity - Post Scheduling - Paid Ads (Google Ads and Facebook primarily) - Videography and Photography - SEO - Campaign Management
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    LinkedIn Marketing
    Data Analysis
    Post Scheduling
    Campaign Reporting
    Brand Identity
    SEO Keyword Research
    Digital Marketing
    Google Analytics
    Social Media Content Creation
    Google Ads
    Social Media Advertising
    Campaign Management
    Facebook Advertising
  • $5 hourly
    As an experienced, senior-level professional with a strong history of driving sales, managing client relationships, and substantially increasing revenues, I stand to significantly contribute to your objectives in this position. My background includes leading operations, teams, and processes to drive business and customer service success. From coaching and developing staff to implementing operational procedures designed to optimize efficiency and productivity, I excel at directing employees, propelling sales and revenue growth, and achieving first-rate levels of customer satisfaction and retention. Whilst focusing on the job, I am able to keep my eye on the horizon, growing and adapting organically to the environment that I am placed in. My proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment has allowed me to be innovative in unlocking my growth. My leadership style is based on mutual respect, honest communication and trust, whilst keeping an eye on the bottom line. I maintain a strong work ethic and governance, have a healthy competitive attitude and thrive under pressure.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Sales Lead Lists
    Product Development
    Business Development
  • $10 hourly
    A seasoned sales professional with over five years of experience, I possess a National Diploma in Public Relations from the University of Johannesburg. My diverse background encompasses roles in Sales Execution, Business Development, Account Management, Call Center Operations, Client Service, and Marketing Assistance. I firmly believe that my hands-on experience, coupled with continuous learning, has equipped me to make significant contributions to any organization. Currently, I serve as a Regional Sales Executive within Sub-Saharan Africa, specializing in software solutions for the education sector. My primary objective is to identify and engage with key decision-makers, ensuring that I reach the right individuals to drive sales success. I actively foster strong relationships with industry leaders, conducting regular check-ins to maintain customer satisfaction and retention. Driven by a commitment to excellence, I consistently strive to deliver exceptional results in every endeavor. My self-motivation, goal orientation, and passion for empowering others through knowledge sharing and mentorship are integral to my personal and professional growth. Additionally, I am an avid proponent of AI, recognizing its transformative power to enhance efficiency and productivity in the sales realm. With a solid foundation in sales, customer service, marketing, and account management, I am confident in my ability to make a positive impact in any sales environment. My dedication to continuous learning and my embrace of innovative technologies position me as a valuable asset to any team.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Data Entry
    Customer Engagement
    Customer Relationship Management
    Active Listening
    Analytical Presentation
    Sales & Marketing
  • $25 hourly
    Professional Summary: Experienced SEO Content Writer, Cold Email Outreach Specialist, and Outreach Manager with a proven track record of crafting captivating and well-optimized SEO content for high-profile brands and clients. Proficient in discovering high-quality leads for GmBH guest post and SEO companies. Possessing a keen eye for detail, exceptional communication skills, and a passion for driving organic traffic and brand visibility through strategic content and outreach efforts. Key Skills: SEO Content Writing Cold Email Outreach Lead Generation Outreach Management Keyword Research On-Page and Off-Page SEO Content Optimization Brand Building Relationship Building Analytics and Reporting Professional Experience: SEO Content and Outreach Manager | Fancy Awesome (Texas, Dallas) June, 2022 - To date Crafted engaging and SEO-optimized content for various high-profile brands and clients, ensuring maximum visibility and organic traffic. Conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant topics and optimize content for target keywords. Collaborated with the content team to develop content strategies aligned with clients' goals and objectives. Utilized SEO best practices to enhance website ranking and improve search engine visibility. Cold Email Outreach Specialist | Posticy GmBH (Germany, Berlin) December, 2019 - To date Developed and executed cold email outreach campaigns to generate leads and secure guest post opportunities for GmBH clients. Maintained a database of high-quality English and Non-English leads and continually refined outreach strategies to maximize response rates. Cultivated relationships with industry influencers and webmasters to facilitate link-building and content placement. Analyzed outreach performance metrics and adjusted strategies accordingly to achieve optimal results. SEO Content and Outreach Manager | Serene Labs (United States) March, 2024 - To date Experienced working in a team of outreach specialists, providing accurate performance and support to ensure the success of outreach campaigns. Established and maintained workflow processes and standards to streamline outreach operations and improve efficiency. Conducted regular inbox management to enhance and maintain cold email and communication maximum effectiveness. Collaborated with internal stakeholders to align outreach efforts with overall business objectives.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Content SEO
    Off-Page SEO
    On-Page SEO
    Keyword Research
    Cold Email
    SEO Content
    Article Writing
    SEO Backlinking
    Backlink Analysis
    Outreach Strategy
    Email Outreach
    Search Engine Optimization
    SEO Strategy
  • $9 hourly
    As an aspiring Market Researcher, I bring a blend of dedication, practical skills, and a hunger for learning to your project. While my experience in this specific field may be nascent, my commitment to delivering tangible results and value is unwavering. Strengths: -Timely Delivery -Attention to detail -Effective Communication
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Data Scraping
    List Building
  • $10 hourly
    I know exactly how to hijack your customers mind, break any false beliefs or objections that hold them back from buying your product/service, and get them drooling so hard over your offer that they'll buy without even reading the sales page. If you've been looking for an authentic way to communicate with your audience and sell your product without gimmicks or sleazy tactics, this is one for you. I've learned from successful 9-figure marketers like Kyle Milligan, Stefan Georgi, Todd Brown, George Ten and many more. I'm also a member of Kyle Milligan's Copy Squad Lite, where we have successful copywriters and marketers as coaches to help us succeed and deliver the best results possible for clients. So I've ended up discovering the most effective way to maximize email revenue is by using epiphany-induced emails, that will get your leads obsessed with your product/service before you even offer it to them. These emails work because they really move the customer forward in their journey, even more than hard-value emails: + These emails break beliefs and helps customers develop the beliefs they need to buy your product/service and get the outcome they wanted. + It triggers emotions and channels it all into one place. + It gives them hope that the outcome they want is still possible. + You can sell anything to anyone without using any pushy/sleazy sales tactics, in fact your customers will want you to offer them something. + Your customers view you as the thought leader in your niche and grow more fond of you + Customers enjoy reading them so much they become obsessed with your emails, thus increasing open rate and click-through rate. I'm the best guy for the job because I know how to do deep research on your target customer, and understand them deeply. Their secret desires, and fears they tell no one about, roadblocks, beliefs, enemies, world view, etc. My approach is focused on the customer and what they need at this current moment. Plus, I'm all about speed. The faster I can get it done the sooner I can make you more money. Here's how I can help you: 👉 Email Automations 👉 Email List Segmentation 👉 Email List Revival 👉 Email Launches 👉 Email Campaigns 👉 etc. Platforms I've used before: ✅ Klayvio ✅ Mailchimp ✅ ActiveCampaign ✅ Convertkit ✅ Clickfunnels ✅ If your platform is not here, all it takes is about 2 hours of Youtube and we're set. No big deal. If you'd like to get your list obsessed with you and what you're selling, I'd be happy to help you out.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Direct Response Copywriting
    Email Automation
    Email Copywriting
    List Building
    Lead Magnet
    Marketing Strategy
    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing Strategy
  • $10 hourly
    I am from Angola and permanently residing in South Africa. I have call centre experience gained at Samsung and I have sales and marketing experience gained at Kaspersky as well as other experiences gained at other jobs. I like to focus on a project until it is completed, I work well under pressure, customer service is what I enjoy doing because I love to help people. I have experience using different systems such as SAP and Salesforce which helped me log calls, create accounts and create quotes for distributors. I'm an outgoing and chatting with people is never a problem, I do follow ups with customers, try resolve an issue on first contact and also provide the necessary information before customers make a purchase.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Account Management
    BPO Call Center
    Call Center Management
    Customer Service
    Microsoft Excel
    Cold Calling
    Sales & Marketing
  • $60 hourly
    I am very good in English...and i have 2 years experience as a translator working in a Chinese translator for the Tim Tok app working online.Besides that I'm very good in marketing,selling and many more.I am a very unique and talented passionate freelancer and i believe i can do more than just being a freelancer
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Sales Lead Lists
    Leadership Skills
    Communication Skills
  • $4 hourly
    OBJECTIVE I am a dedicated, organized and methodical individual. I have good interpersonal skills, am an excellent teamworker and am keen willing to learn and develop new skills. I am reliable and dependable and often seek new responsibilities within a wide range of employment areas.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Business Management
    Sales Lead Lists
    Management Skills
    Social Media Lead Generation
    Database Management
  • $8 hourly
    🚀 Digital Marketing Maverick & Web Wizard 🚀 Embark on a digital journey with a passionate freelancer specializing in Social Media Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, and Web Design. As a seasoned digital marketing professional, I blend creativity and analytics to craft compelling campaigns that skyrocket online presence and drive business growth. 📱 Social Media Marketing: Unlock the power of social media with strategic campaigns tailored to your brand. From engaging content creation to community management, I leverage platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to elevate your brand's voice and foster meaningful connections. 💡 Facebook Advertising: Turn clicks into conversions with targeted Facebook ad campaigns. Whether you're aiming for lead generation or increased sales, I craft ad strategies that captivate your audience and deliver measurable results. Let's maximize your ROI through precision targeting and compelling ad creatives. 🔍 Google Ads Expertise: Navigate the digital landscape with proficiency in Google Ads. From Search to Display and Video campaigns, I optimize every click to ensure your brand stands out. Drive relevant traffic, increase visibility, and convert searches into business opportunities. 🌐 Web Design Guru: Your digital storefront is your first impression—make it unforgettable. I specialize in creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites that not only reflect your brand identity but also convert visitors into customers. Let's build a website that leaves a lasting impact. Why Choose Me? ✨ Proven track record of successful digital campaigns ✨ In-depth knowledge of current industry trends ✨ Agile and adaptable to evolving digital landscapes ✨ Dedication to delivering results-driven solutions
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Facebook Advertising
    Web Design
    Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing Strategy
  • $20 hourly
    With 10 years in media planning, campaign optimization, and lead generation, I've propelled diverse brands to new heights. Specializing in ROI-driven strategies, I leverage analytics to drive performance and boost conversions. Expertise: - Digital Marketing Strategy - Campaign Management & Optimization - Growth Hacking & Lead Generation - Data Analysis & Market Research - Communication & Relationship Management Let's collaborate on driving your brand's success through innovative digital strategies!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Digital Marketing
    Paid Media
    Mobile Advertising
    Mobile Ad Campaign
    Analytics & Tracking Setup
    Budget Planning
    Team Training
    Team Management
    PPC Campaign Setup & Management
    Social Media Management
    Market Research
    Growth Hacking
    Campaign Management
    Digital Marketing Strategy
  • $10 hourly
    Objective To enhance my professional skills, capabilities and knowledge in an organization which recognizes the value of hard work and trusts me with responsibilities and challenges.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Outbound Sales
  • $3 hourly
    I have been doing Accounting from high school to my tertiary level, so I'm attentive with entering data. I also did Microsoft Office(Excel, PowerPoint and Word) as a module at tertiary I'm quietly good with data entry. I have completed my National Diploma in Logistics and currently doing my Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Lead Generation
    Data Mining
    Growth Hacking
    Web Scraper
    Data Scraping
    Data Entry
    Data Extraction
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