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At A Glance: Level Designers

When making or developing a video game, you need to rely on many different talents and skills: storytelling, graphic design, user interfacing, voice acting, scripting, and programming to name a few. In modern video games where entire digital 3D worlds are created alongside epic stories that drive character action and motivation, it has become increasingly important to diligently and precisely design a game in which each segment presents the player with the exact resources they need to enjoy the entire experience in a fulfilling way. These segments are called levels and are a far cry from the different mazes and asteroid sizes that existed in the early days of the video game industry. A dedicated level designer is the most effective way to ensure that your game unfolds in the challenging and rewarding way you need it to.

A level designer is a highly skilled video game professional with experience working on a wide variety of projects and implementing a host of software tools. An expert level designer works with the game mechanics and digital world to provide the player with cohesive visual aspects and game resources that subtly guide them towards the experience that has been laid out for them. Of course, a level designer does not have to work with massive 3D games but can leverage experience to design puzzles or platforms that increase in difficulty at a palatable pace for the user. Hiring a freelance level designer is a cost-effective way to make sure that the best possible version of your video game is presented.


Python: A Powerful Language for High-Traffic, Data-Heavy Apps

Python is hugely valuable to companies that need to quickly prototype new products and data-focused companies that need to integrate statistical analysis into their workflows. In this article, we’ll explore what sets Python apart from other programming languages, why it’s popular with data scientists, and what you should look for in a Python engineer.

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August 23, 2016

Web Development

6 Reasons Sass Should Be In Every Front-End Developer’s Toolbox

CSS pre-processors, like Sass, are one tool that no front-end developers should live without. Here’s a look at how the Sass CSS pre-processor can supercharge productivity, help developers write more succinct CSS, and keep files organized.

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August 22, 2016

Web Development

Pro Tips for an Effective Encryption Strategy

More and more businesses are enlisting encryption experts to help them implement plans to encrypt data, internet connections, websites, and email—but is it the right strategy for you? Read on to learn more about encryption, when and where you should use it, and some things to consider when crafting your own encryption strategy.

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August 17, 2016

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