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At A Glance: Media Buying

Generating and collecting visual and aural space for marketing a product or service is a fundamental aspect of business marketing, known as media buying. As the world gets smaller with the introduction of new technologies, it becomes easier and easier to reach different people and demographics, but also more challenging to know which media spaces are the most visible, valuable, and effective. Managing, organizing, and implementing a strong media inventory starts with quality media buying practices. If you or your organization is looking to obtain digital spaces, physical billboards, television commercials, or other advertisement property, then working with a media buying professional or consultant on Upwork can help you maximize your efforts and results.

Media buying professionals and consultants are highly trained and experienced marketing experts. Professionals and consultants can help you and your organization identify and obtain core advertising space that has the highest visibility to your target demographic. You can implement the skills and expertise of a media buying professional to help you manage your media inventory, from negotiating prices to optimizing advertisement messages. A skilled media buying professional can work independently based on just a business directive or creative idea, and they can produce a variety of media options for you to consider and analyze when developing and creating your marketing campaign. Hiring a media buying professional or consultant gives your organization ease of access to the vast landscape of media and advertising opportunities in a flexible and highly cost-effective way so you can focus on delivering products to your newly generated customers and clients.

Mobile Development

7 Common Mistakes That Could Affect Your Android App’s Performance

Mobile development is much different than desktop programming—there are UI elements, battery usage, bandwidth, and operating system support to account for. Any of these aspects can hurt your Android app’s performance, and your user experience. For Android developers, here are tips on a few common mistakes to avoid when designing and building a mobile app.

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October 26, 2016

Mobile Development

Migrating Your iOS App to Swift 3

When Apple released the beta of the newest version of its IDE Xcode 8 in June 2016, they released a beta update of Swift 3 along with it—the newest, open-source iteration of the Swift mobile programming language. Read on to learn more about what’s new with the language, reasons why you should consider migrating now, and tips on getting started.

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October 25, 2016

Mobile Development

Helpful Tips & Best Practices for Android Developers

Many programmers will tell you that some of the biggest mistakes they’ve made have been through trial and error. Even an experienced developer can benefit from reviewing some of the best practices that Google lays out for Android projects. To help you start your Android app project off on the right foot, here are a few tips and best practices to consider.

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October 24, 2016

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