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Tips for Crafting a Photographer Job Description

Need a photographer but don’t know where to start looking for one? Here are some tips and a sample job description you can tailor to find the best independent talent for your photography needs. 

What is a photographer?

A photographer captures still images from a range of events for various applications from print to web. Photographs have myriad uses, from telling stories in publications to displaying products in catalogs to providing memories to individuals. Photographers must be flexible and communicate well with editors, marketing and creative personnel, and individual clients to collaborate on assignments or projects. A photographer can make or break a photoshoot. There are no reshoots when covering an event for informational publications or a once-in-a-lifetime personal event. A photographer must often think quickly and react to the action to get the best possible shot in these instances.

Product photography is the exact opposite. It requires excellent artistic vision and planning skills to manufacture the perfect image. Other product jobs require a significant volume of tedious work. Photographers might take shots for many different business applications, such as brochures and display advertising. They must have professional-level equipment, strong composition, technical skills to use that equipment well, and digital photography editing skills. Some photographers outsource photo editing work. While some photographers may learn on the job from other experts, many have college degrees, such as a bachelor’s in photography, fine arts, photojournalism, or commercial photography.

Example of a photographer job description

The following provides a sample job description that explores the responsibilities and qualifications of a photographer.

The job overview

Our retail website needs an experienced commercial photographer to support our marketing and creative team for recurring contract work. You will be responsible for creating compelling images that support our brand image in marketing materials and product lifestyle articles. It will be critical to collaborate with our art director and other creative personnel to deliver the best results. We hope you bring expertise and ideas to enhance the creative process. We also need some basic product images for our retail platform every two months. The total workload will vary by month from approximately 20 to 50 hours, and we pay by the assignment or project. The business will retain all image copyrights.

Job responsibilities

Some of the photographer’s responsibilities will include:

  • Take a range of types of photos, including lifestyle shots, individual detail and product packaging shots, and elaborately lit and conceived product photos (outside and in the studio, with and without models)
  • Collaborate with the marketing department’s creative leaders to emphasize our brand and conceive compelling lifestyle images and complex product shoots, both for advertising and lifestyle articles
  • Edit the photos, both for high-quality print applications and website use; optimize digital images for web applications, including metadata
  • Provide multiple options for more creative shots and choose in consultation with the art director; select and submit all basic product shots
  • Bring and set up lighting and finalize the approach of indoor product shoots in consultation with the creative director

Job qualifications 

Some of the photographer’s qualifications should include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in commercial photography 
  • A minimum of two years of experience in marketing and product photography
  • A strong portfolio
  • Possess top of the line professional photographic equipment, including digital camera, lenses, accessories, and lighting 
  • High proficiency in photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, unless the processing of photos is being subcontracted 
  • Strong eye for visual composition
  • Creative and technical skills in planning and creating settings with the proper aesthetics for complex photoshoots 
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills to collaborate on photoshoots
  • Understanding of marketing and website design to aid in planning photographs
  • Effective time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines


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Photographers you can meet on Upwork

  • $45 hourly
    Lameck K.
    • 5.0
    • (7 jobs)
    Lilongwe, AREA 25
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Photography
    Copy Editing
    Photo Manipulation
    Content Creation
    Article Writing
    Feature Writing
    Graphic Design
    Adobe Photoshop
    I am a passionate writer and translator with exceptional skills in research, copywriting and editing. The small 60-page booklet which I have written and published has received loud applause from almost every hand that has flipped through its pages. I fondly thank God for giving me excellent attention to detail which I think is an attribute that awards me with nothing but what such an attribute deserves--an excellent outcome--whenever I sit down to write or translate. I honestly love and enjoy translation. My translation adventure started while I was still in college and I'm currently working with Mau Okhazikika Publishing as a part-time editor in its translation projects. I am also a good newsletter and graphic designer, skills which I have sharpened over the years through the dealings which I have had with individuals and organizations in these areas.
  • $65 hourly
    James H.
    • 5.0
    • (3 jobs)
    London, ENGLAND
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Photography
    Video Post-Editing
    Film Production
    Film Direction
    Film Editing
    Video Editing
    Motion Graphics
    Video Production
    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Hello! I'm James, a Videographer/Editor based in London with over 10 years of experience. I am equipped with two 4K cameras, professional audio/lighting kit and expert knowledge of Premiere Pro editing software. I have extensive experience shooting: - Event Coverage - Theatre Productions - Music Videos - Corporate Videos - Advertisements - Educational Videos ❝Natural talent and unstoppable drive run through his veins. He lives and breathes his art – a true sign of an ambitious creator❝ - Toy Soldier Productions ❝He edited our video really quickly. We will most definitely be using James again for future events, we recommend him highly❝ - Kimberley Roberts, All Together Now ❝Thank you so much for all your creativity, teamwork and delivery of the goods. The films are spot on and truly professional❝ - Soulscape Charity
  • $100 hourly
    Kateryna L.
    • 5.0
    • (324 jobs)
    Apopka, FL
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Photography
    Photo Manipulation
    Photo Editing
    Social Media Imagery
    Photo Color Correction
    Photo Retouching
    Digital Art
    Fashion Retouch
    Image Editing
    Retouching & Enhancement
    Adobe Photoshop
    Hey! I'm Kateryna Lebedynska — a photo retouching expert and creative director with 10+ years of strong technical skills and experience. I handle basic to advanced retouching, color grading, compositing, and AI tasks. My expertise is in beauty retouching, especially skin and hair for commercial and editorial, and product retouching for cosmetic, pet, and tech products. My clients are celebrities, brands, and businesses of all sizes; sometimes, I accept private client work. I tailor the visuals for local, European, and Asian markets. I am used to working quickly and efficiently in fast-paced, high-volume settings, and clients praise my ability to produce high-quality work even on tight deadlines, handling all tasks myself without outsourcing. I'm based in Florida, USA, and work remotely or on-set by request, from 10 am to 6 pm EDT, Monday to Friday. I synchronize work across time zones, managing tasks so clients in Los Angeles, New York, London, Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, and Sydney can review my work on their schedule. I'm open to staying up late or working on weekends for discussions and urgent projects with tight deadlines. Contact me to discuss your needs, and I'll summarize the discussion into a brief and give you a quote for free. I offer flat fixed rates for straightforward projects. But if a project is unclear upfront and needs ongoing changes, I'll charge by the hour with time tracking. Depending on how big and long your project is, I also offer prepaid options such as a monthly subscription or an annual package for a specific number of retouched images, all at discounted rates.
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