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  • $45 hourly
    I have the skill of igniting team culture and getting teams re-aligned and on-time. Have you ever hired a Project Manager, Presentation Designer, and Life Coach all in one?? That’s what you get with me! Hire me to join your next project and re-ignite the energy. I can support you with project management and milestone strategy, transform your team documents, and host a team workshop that breaks through the glass walls of generational communication gaps, mistrust, and lack of team morale. Let's Get Charged Up! Hire me to get started
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Social Media Content Creation
    Career Coaching
    Decision Making
    Time Management
    Digital Project Management
    Life Coaching
    Content Creation
    Project Management
    Business Presentation
  • $100 hourly
    I'm an experienced leader with 11+ years in customer and experience analytics and a passion for learning. I'm a lifelong Liberal Arts student, always seeking new challenges. I bring strong technical and analytical skills with the ability to clearly communicate results and drive value with actionable recommendations. I am particularly passionate about communicating technical problems in clear language to enable more intentional use of data and ultimately improve decision-making. - Experienced in customer behavior analysis (pricing strategy, forecasting models, test & learn, customer segmentation, etc.) - Experienced in sales support analytics and marketing & advertising measurement - Strong Excel, SQL, and Python skills - C-Suite storytelling and presentation experience, from small startups to major international brands
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Training & Development
    Design Analysis
    User Experience
    Voice Talent
    Analytical Presentation
    Microsoft Excel
    Data Analysis
  • $40 hourly
    I am a trained Industrial and Organizational Psychologist experienced in helping companies increase production. This production increase is often related to my experience in leadership coaching, communication improvement, and 360 reviews. I am also a SHRM-CP with a sound understanding of HR concepts. If you would like insight into how to help your organization's culture, I would love to help.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Sports & Fitness
    Performance Management
    Industrial Psychology
    Leadership Coaching
    Human Resource Management
    HR & Business Services
    Human Resources
    Content Writing
  • $250 hourly
    Nancy S. Hanks is a Harvard-educated leader whose transformative journey from the west side of Chicago to becoming a prominent educational leader encapsulates her dedication to surpassing barriers and fostering systemic change. As a passionate advocate for educational equity, Nancy leverages her extensive background as a teacher, principal, and systems leader to drive significant improvements in educational settings. Her leadership in various educational capacities has not only catalyzed the continuous growth of academic programs but also solidified her reputation as a resilient and innovative change agent. Profile Highlights: Expertise in Educational Leadership: Proven track record of transforming underperforming schools into successful learning environments, as demonstrated during her tenure as Chief of Schools for Elementary in the Madison Metropolitan School District where she achieved remarkable gains in literacy and mathematics. Strategic Planning and Execution: Skilled in crafting and implementing effective strategies that address the complexities of educational systems, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed. Leadership Coaching: Dedicated to developing leaders within the education sector, providing them with the tools and insights needed to foster high-performing teams and to navigate the intricacies of educational reform. Commitment to Equity: Strong advocate for inclusive education practices that address racial and socioeconomic disparities, aiming to create equitable learning opportunities for all students. Training and Development: Experienced in designing and leading comprehensive training programs that enhance the skills of educators and administrators, focusing on both technical system development and the cultivation of supportive educational environments. Cultural Competence: Proficient in guiding organizations through the complexities of race and equity, ensuring that these critical elements are integrated into the fabric of organizational practices. Services Offered: Educational Consulting: Offering strategic advice to schools, districts, and educational non-profits to improve organizational effectiveness and student outcomes. Leadership Development Programs: Designing and facilitating workshops that enhance the leadership capabilities of educational professionals. Systemic Transformation Initiatives: Leading efforts to overhaul educational systems with an emphasis on equitable practices and high achievement for all students. Executive Coaching: Providing one-on-one coaching to senior leaders in education, focusing on personal and professional growth within the context of their roles.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Leadership Skills
    Speech Writing
    Educational Leadership
    Education Presentation
    Leadership Development
    Leadership Coaching
    Management Consulting
    Management Skills
  • $100 hourly
    I bring 14 combined years of experience in operations management, hospitality, event planning, customer service, and social media marketing. More recently, I have been working with rental properties. During my undergraduate career, I hyper-focused on writing and communication. Since taking on management roles, it has been my mission to not only manage but to create leaders in the workplace. While at Hollister, I was awarded the opportunity to move between my home state of Tennessee to South Carolina North Carolina and now Atlanta. This was due to my persistence and resilience through change and adversity in the workplace. Not only was I able to reach great heights my team also reaped those rewards. Under my leadership there were 6 assistant managers who earned their own stores across the U.S. In those years we collectively made over $10 million in gross sales with a YOY increase to our LY. A pivotal opportunity that helped shape my career was working alongside Aldi, who was the Senior District Manager for Hollister and Abercrombie. It required me to do an extensive dive into our sales strategies, areas of opportunities and also stagging for major events throughout the year. We forecasted sales, budgets, merchandise, and supplies needed to ensure success. I became fully equipped with the tools to become a compassionate, yet resourceful professional. I thrived in a fast-paced environment. At the end of each day, it was gratifying to know that I made a difference in multiple lives throughout the week. By understanding our demographic, we were able to make hiring adjustments that fit our shoppers and increased our loyalty programs by over 70%. We decreased our communication barriers between guests by hiring bi-lingual associates both Asian and Spanish backgrounds. In my first role as an Assistant Manager, I worked proudly to produce meaningful, innovative work for the district and company. I was able to cater to the clients through genuine customer service, knowledge of their needs, and of the products. I also sourced talents through others while supervising the team. I was then able to increase our social media presence, constructing visual abstracts. Through knowledge of both sales and event planning I was able to sell out events within budget and within the timeline of completion. Leadership Development and Event Execution are my passions. If afforded the opportunity to be a part of your team, I know that I would be an asset to the company. With my education, experience, and work ethic, I’m ready to join your team and help take the company to the next level. Thank you for considering my application. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications for this position Qualifications: * Possesses strong verbal and written skills; also demonstrates strong leadership ability to work in high-stress and fast-paced environments. * Proficient in various aspects of Microsoft Office, Loop, Slack, POS, ASANA, Monday, PowerPoint, Adobe, Sharepoint, Canva, and more. * Extremely detail oriented with event logistics, venue selection, vendor management, and communication.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Hosting Zoom Calls
    Media Inquiries
    Media Kit
    Team Building
    Store Audit
    Store Management
    Website Performance Optimization
    Event Management
    Social Media Account Setup
    Microsoft Office
    Contract Manufacturing
  • $20 hourly
    I enjoy trying new things, and I also have a passion for creating unique content. For this reason, I am beginning a career in the field of product and beta testing. I am currently an entry-level professional. Presently, I am finishing up my undergraduate degree in Strategic Communication with a focus on digital marketing. I may be a novice, but I am a fast learner. Let's discuss how I can help you to reach your project goals.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Customer Service
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Product Description
    Social Media Management
    Microsoft Word
  • $65 hourly
    Leigh-Ann has extensive retail, e-commerce, project management, business development, and account management experience having spent the past few years as a consultant at Amazon in London. Previously, she worked in tech business development at Salesforce. Leigh-Ann thrives in career opportunities where her creative drive, affinity for challenge, desire to make a change, and strong interpersonal skills can emerge while making a positive impact in a team-based environment. Citizenships: US & CA
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Light Bookkeeping
    Business Development
    Account Management
    Time Management
    Project Management
    Marketing Presentation
    Interview Preparation
    International Business
  • $17 hourly
    Driven and curious geologist with over 8 years of experience with academic and technical writing. Motivated by problem solving and attention to detail in order to deliver high quality and timely solutions. Looking to develop writing experience in multiple professional fields.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Test Results & Analysis
    Laboratory Equipment Skills
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Report Writing
    Adobe Acrobat
    Quality Control
    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Excel
    Editing & Proofreading
    Technical Writing
  • $16 hourly
    While in college I gained major experience in STEM skills, like quantitative analysis, research, lab knowledge, and analyzing marketing trends. Once I graduated, I began pursuing creative outlets outside of drawing and creative writing For example: * Content creation using TikTok, and Instagram * Freelance modeling * Wardrobe styling
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Wardrobe Styling
    Social Media Content Creation
    Content Creation
    Model Photography
    Creative Direction
    Microsoft Excel
    Quantitative Analysis
    Content Writing
    Creative Writing
  • $30 hourly
    I love to connect people and experiences. I've done so professionally through my work as a Recruiter, an Operations/Administrative Assistant and as a Writer. Early in my career, I worked at a start-up in Operations and Logistics for a golf-wear line where I communicated with integral stakeholders regularly ensuring each task was completed on-time and on budget. In more recent years, my career has mainly been in a corporate setting working for Staffing Agencies and in-house as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Outside of that, I have always worked on my own as an independent consultant for business development projects and creative writing gigs.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Social Media Ad Campaign
    Database Management
    Candidate Sourcing
    Resume Screening
    Resume Writing
    Copy Editing
  • $25 hourly
    New to Upwork but have been working for over 25+ years. A Jill of many trades, an almost equal left and right brained individual who has been self-employed for many years. The skills listed run opposite sides of the continuum after years of non-profit, corporate, entertainment, wellness, business and entrepreneurship work. I have an open and flexible schedule; my phones and laptops are always with me. Quick turnaround with thorough and excellent results.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Virtual Assistance
    Audio Transcription
    Blog Writing
    Business Coaching
    Female Voice
    Financial Plan
    Business Consulting
    Editing & Proofreading
    Video Narration
    Voice-Over Recording
  • $29 hourly
    Authorized to work in the US for any employer. - Dedicated to providing exceptional support - Skilled in organization, time management, and communication - Anticipates needs and proactively solves problems - Maintains confidentiality with sensitive information - Attention to detail, adaptability, and resourcefulness - Manages schedules, coordinates meetings, handles correspondence - Efficient task completion - Fosters a positive work environment - Strives to exceed expectations and contribute to employer's success
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
  • $30 hourly
    I'm an operations associate who acts as a utility player wherever I work. I enjoy coming into an office, working with clients and coworkers, and learning new skills. I'm a communicator who loves to problem solve. *Know Microsoft Office and Google Workspace *Build Relationships and networks to develop and grow businesses *Enjoy working with people but don't mind desk work either.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Relationship Building
    Customer Service
    Business Development
    Client Management
    Interview Training
    Microsoft Excel
    Interpersonal Skills
    Critical Thinking Skills
    Google Workspace
    Microsoft Office
  • $325 hourly
    With 8 years of experience shooting photo and video, I’ve seen it all. Having shot for Georgia Football for 4 years and a major media company for another 3, I know what it means to shoot in high pressure environments. However, I’ll be honest, perhaps the most high stakes shoots I’ve done have been weddings. The drive I have to provide the couple with images that tell the story of their special day requires obsessive attention to detail in shooting and editing. Most photographers say they specialize in one thing. With my array of experience, I’d say I’m more of a Swiss Army knife. I have experience shooting: - College football - NFL draft content - Weddings - Local and abroad nonprofit work - Concerts - Grand opening for major retailers like Lululemon - Senior and newborn photos - Corporate events - Commercial real estate events - National pro pickleball tournaments You get the point. You need someone to document a big life moment or event? I can do it. Though I primarily do photography, I would love to help out with any videography needs.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Sports Photography
    Family & Travel Video
    Travel Photography
    Social Media Content
    Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Social Media Management
    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Strategy
    Social Media Marketing Plan
  • $100 hourly
    I'm an expert trainer and facilitator with over a decade experience in public speaking, leadership, training and development of compelling visual presentations. Most of my work has been for Fortune 200 & 500 companies, and today I'm thrilled to share what I've learned with others. If you're trying to brush up on your presentation skills, learn basic or advanced presentation design techniques, or prepare to speak publicly, facilitate or train others, then you've come to right place! Our meetings will be immensely valuable in setting you up for success. HIGHLIGHTS: *Over 2000 hours of training and public speaking conducted *Proficient in Powerpoint (for Mac & Windows), Canva *E-learning and in-person instructional design *Creative project management / on & off camera presenting *Trained by Barry Katz - Communicating Success
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    On-Camera Presenting
    Leadership Training
    Leadership Coaching
    PowerPoint Presentation
    Presentation Design
    Instructional Design
    Life Coaching
  • $275 hourly
    Tom Kellogg is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the technology, logistics, and entertainment industries. Known for his strategic leadership and operational excellence, Tom has a proven track record in driving efficiency and innovation across diverse business environments. Currently, Tom is an Independent Consultant specializing in Supply Chain Management. He collaborates with executives to evaluate and enhance current operations and warehouse management systems (WMS). His recent work includes overhauling operations at a telecommunications company, implementing a modern WMS, and significantly increasing productivity through velocity staging for SKU management. Prior to his consultancy, Tom served as an AWS Global Programs Manager at Amazon. In this role, he partnered with sales managers to execute key priorities within programs, resulting in a 15% increase in sales productivity. He also standardized revenue recognition processes, realigned global cross-functional teams, and developed Tableau dashboards to enhance team performance and forecasting accuracy. Tom's experience at Amazon also includes his tenure as an Operations Manager at a Sortation Center, where he led a team of six managers and 150 associates, achieving the #2 overall national Sort Center ranking during the 2021 peak holiday period. He was instrumental in launching a $250 million sortation facility and driving sustainability initiatives that saved $250K annually. Before joining Amazon, Tom was the Director of Business Development and Operations at Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Here, he partnered with high-profile show clients like Criss Angel and Paula Abdul to streamline financial forecasting and improve contract management, leading to significant revenue enhancements and client satisfaction. Tom's career began in the U.S. Navy as a Naval Flight Officer, where he executed low-level combat operations and trained over 300 personnel in compliance and safety procedures. He also served as an Assistant Professor of Naval Science at ODU/Hampton University, where he taught and mentored students in naval science and history. Tom holds an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and International Relations from St. John's University. Outside of his professional endeavors, Tom is an avid traveler, marathon runner, and amateur salsa dancer, with a passion for Scotland and bourbon connoisseurship.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Supply Chain Management
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Team Management
    Change Management
    Business Planning & Strategy
    Community Goals & KPIs
    Leadership Development
    Cross Functional Team Leadership
    Operational Planning
    Strategic Planning
    Project Management
  • $999 hourly
    What Others Say About Bethanie: "I strongly recommend Bethanie as an AI consultant. Her extensive knowledge of AI and machine learning helped us to optimize our processes and improve our workflows. Bethanie's professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail were exceptional. She consistently went above and beyond to ensure the success of our project and inspired our team to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible." "Bethanie is a distinguished Corporate Trainer and speaker whose expertise in empowering sales teams has been instrumental in driving revenue growth, enhancing productivity, and improving customer connections. Bethanie's profound understanding of how to leverage and implement Artificial Intelligence within sales strategies sets her apart in today's competitive landscape. Her innovative approach not only demystifies AI for her clients but also showcases practical applications that lead to tangible results." "Bethanie's session was not only engaging but also incredibly informative. She adeptly navigated through the nuances of AI intelligence while seamlessly integrating practical tips on leveraging Sales Navigator to expand your business reach on LinkedIn. Her presentation style was not only dynamic but also tailored to resonate with the audience, making it relatable and applicable to diverse business contexts." "I have participated in multiple coaching sessions and business development-type events that were conducted by successful people, I can confidently say that Bethanie creates a sense of focus and engagement that makes attending her sessions a continuous pleasure. Remarkably, her energetic and information-packed presentations don't become draining or overwhelming; rather, there's a magical quality that makes you want to be in her space, absorbing every word she shares. Bethanie's talking energy is invigorating, igniting a strong desire to build and explore new horizons continuously." ~~~~~~~ Meet Bethanie: Bethanie Nonami stands at the forefront of AI integration in the corporate world. As a highly sought-after AI Speaker and Trainer, she specializes in demystifying the complexities of AI for corporate leaders, guiding them through the intricacies of AI's impact on their industry, organization, and workforce. Bethanie's mission is to help organizations get more done with less. Why Work with Bethanie? ✅ Expert Insight: Leverage Bethanie's deep understanding of AI trends and their implications for various industries. ✅ Customized Training: Experience tailored sessions that address your organization's unique challenges and opportunities in AI. ✅ Strategic Guidance: Gain actionable strategies to harness AI for operational excellence and competitive advantage. ✅ Future-Proof Leadership: Equip yourself and your team with the knowledge to lead confidently in an AI-driven business landscape. Services Offered ✅ Keynote Speaking: Inspiring talks on AI's role in redefining leadership and organizational success. ✅ Corporate Training: Interactive workshops designed to build AI competence among executives and their teams. ✅ Sales & Marketing Custom Training: We empower Sales and Marketing Teams to get more done with less ✅ Advisory: Personalized advisory sessions for leaders seeking to integrate AI into their strategic planning. 💡Bethanie's Approach Bethanie believes in the power of informed leadership. Her approach is both educational and inspirational, blending cutting-edge AI insights with real-world examples and interactive learning experiences. She emphasizes the practical over the theoretical, focusing on how AI can enhance decision-making, innovation, and human potential within organizations. Connect with Bethanie Ready to transform your leadership and organizational strategy with AI? Bethanie Nonami is your go-to expert for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in the corporate world. Connect for speaking engagements, training sessions, or a conversation on the future of AI in your industry. Empower your leadership, innovate your strategies, and lead your organization to new heights with Bethanie's expert guidance. Let's shape the future of your organization together. Reach out today! IMPORTANT: Please contact us with details for your project to determine if you are a great fit that we can provide value.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Sales Consulting
    Marketing Automation
    AI Instruction
    AI Implementation
    AI Governance
    AI Consulting
    Artificial Intelligence
  • $27 hourly
    I’ve constantly worked to edifying and captivate audiences in numerous platforms and mediums. From motivational speaking to stand up comedy it’s my mission to inspire the world.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Public Speaking
    Motivational Speaking
    Audio Speaker
    Voice Acting
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