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  • $33 hourly
    Having developed software applications for about 9 years, I have grown into a well-rounded full stack developer for both frontend and backend, and have a perfect understanding and practical experience of demanding skills such as Spring Boot, NestJS, React, Angular, Shopify, E-commerce, API integrations, AWS, and their related ecosystems including AWS Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, RDS, Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Protobuf, and Docker. I am seeking new challenges as an individual remote contractor, and I look forward to meeting terrific client from all around the world and contributing my expertise, passion, affable approach to your projects. My passion lies in building applications, turning business ideas into reality, translating complex requirements into well-designed features and eagerly learning new skills. Common testimonials from managers and clients are "creative", "eager-learner", and "good communication".
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Spring Cloud
    React Native
    AWS Lambda
    Amazon API Gateway
    Amazon EC2
    Spring Boot
  • $40 hourly
    Hi, I'm Caro! I support businesses in their Digital growth by managing e-commerce and web development projects from the planning phase to the fulfillment steps. Take a look at my portfolio and visit some of the websites supported/created by me and the team of my agency. I'm the co-founder of an agency dedicated to developing successful and revenue-driven e-commerces and informative websites, take a look at my portfolio! 💥We offer: 📌 Web project consulting: I clear the path of choosing the best server, hosting plans, website builder, and other tools needed to create your new online store! Our design and development team can complete a new e-commerce within two weeks! If your goal is to start working remotely, we offer consulting for task management that will reduce costs and maintain your team fully operative. 📌 Constant communication: 24/7 available to discuss your ideas. We can quickly set up calls to chat about your project and clear all concerns. 📌 We can do *almost* EVERYTHING you've dreamt for your online store 💥! WooCommerce, Shopify, we can create custom themes for you, handle design and product variations, integrations, subscriptions, rental/booking options, and much more. Let us know what you're looking for, we can bring those dreams to a real website! 📌 Website management: If you need help managing an already-built website, we can take it! We handle stock, variations, prices, descriptions, bundles, subscriptions, and promos. We also prize our clients with referral monthly benefits. 💥Our process: We know that what starts well, will end up great, that's why we take care of each step. 1. We analyze and discover your project! 2. Planning/Design/Development process starts! You'll have access to every phase, being able to add your feedback. 3. Internal QA is performed over the design, code, and plugins/integrations functionality. 4. We take your website live! We believe in websites that work over time, and we achieve it using the best practices in web development! Let's chat and see how we can bring your project to life!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Creative Writing
    Website Builder
    English to Spanish Translation
    Ecommerce Website Development
  • $26 hourly
    Hello, good communication, efficient and high quality work are a fundamental part of my job. I am a Systems Engineer with more than 4 years working in CMS Web Development for many agencies in my country and abroad, I have done more than 80 projects and collaborating in many more. I specialize in: Wordpress, Shopify, Woocommerce, Elementor, Webflow, Wix, among other CMS. My skills are: ✓ Shopify: Shopify CLI, Shopify 2.0, Shopify Apps, Liquid, Recharge, Klaviyo, Shopify APIs. ✓ Advanced WordPress development: ACF, Gutenberg blocks, plugin development, theme development, essential plugin management. ✓ Handling of builders: Elementor, Elementor Addons, JetElements, similar, WPBakery and Divi. ✓ Website optimization (WordPress, Shopify and Webflow) reaching 90+ on Lighthouse & GTmetrix on mobile and desktop. ✓ HTML + CSS to Wordpress or Shopify. ✓ Programming languages: Javascript (ES5-ES9), PHP. ✓ Adobe XD / Adobe Photoshop / Figma. ✓ SEO. ✓ Layout from PSD, AI or Adobe XD design. ✓ Agile methodologies. I like challenges and projects with vision, that need an effective solution. I may not know how to do something and I know how to say "I don't know", but I will never say "no" to learn it.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Web Design
    CSS 3
    Landing Page
    PSD to WordPress
    Website Optimization
    WordPress Theme
    Shopify Apps
    Shopify Theme
    WordPress e-Commerce
    WordPress Development
    WordPress Bug Fix
    Search Engine Optimization
  • $16 hourly
    I specialize in containerization using Docker and Docker Compose, enabling efficient deployment and management of applications. I have expertise in setting up and configuring Plex Media and Jellyfin servers, allowing seamless media streaming experiences. Additionally, I am skilled in Odoo, an open-source ERP system that can streamline your business operations. To enhance security and optimize network management, I am proficient in utilizing tools like AdGuard, Portainer, Nginx, and Nginx Proxy. I also have experience in managing domains with Domain Manager. Moreover, I am well-versed in HomeAssistant Basic, Zigbee2MQTT, and HomeLab setups, enabling smart home automation and IoT integration. In the realm of server administration, I have comprehensive knowledge of Linux, LXC, LXD, and virtualization techniques. I am familiar with CPANEL, WHM, DNS, as well as both IPV4 and IPV6 configurations. I possess expertise in networking technologies, such as Mikrotik routers, Fiber Optic connections, and ISP infrastructure. I am experienced in working with Huawei Optical Terminals and ZTE Optical Terminals. Additionally, I have proficiency in setting up and managing IPTV servers and ViciDial systems. Ubuntu is my preferred operating system for these tasks. As a developer, I have a strong background in building Django applications. I am well-versed in HTML5, CSS, and have a working knowledge of JavaScript. Python is my primary programming language, and I can develop custom solutions for WooCoomerce, WordPress, Shopify, or even build native e-commerce applications using Python or Javascript with NextJS and React
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    MikroTik RouterOS
    Docker Compose
  • $18 hourly
    Over 100 Businesses Found Their Visual Identity With My Help Brand | Logo design | Flyers | Brochure | Web Design | Graphic Illustrator ✔ +10 years of experience as a graphic designer ✔ Senior Graphic Designer with Proven Track Record of Success ✔ Expertise in Typography, Color Theory, and Branding Principles ✔ Proficient in Corporate Identity, Usability, and Web/Mobile Technologies Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Cinema 4D, Premier Pro, Gslide. I always continue to get new knowledge about Visual Graphic and Branding. I'm your partner in Growth 🌱
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Email Marketing
    Corporate Brand Identity
    Email Design
    Graphic Design
    Adobe Photoshop
    Logo Design
    Print Design
  • $35 hourly
    Before sharing who am I, I would like to share my skills and expertise to assure you that I am a skillful developer you are looking for. My broad range of skills and knowledge in both the front-end and the back-end of web development are as follows: ✨✨Languages: ✔ Html, CSS, EC5, EC6, Javascript, Typescript, Python, PHP, Solidity ✨✨For Front-end Project: ✔ React, React Native, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Svelte, Astro ✔ Bootstrap, SASS, SCSS, TailwindCSS ✔ MUI, Ant Design, Chakra UI, Theme UI ✔ Web Accessibility (WCAG 2.0, 2.1, ARIA) ✔ Webpack, Rollup, Parcel ✔ Web Components, Custom Elements, Shadow DOM ✔ RxJS, MobX ✔ Flutter, Dart, React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap ✔ WebGL, Three.js, Babylon.js, A-Frame ✔ AMP, Facebook, Instant Articles, Apple News, Google News ✔ Internationalization and Localization (i18n and l10n) ✔React native, Flutter, Ionic, PhoneGap ✨✨For Backend Project: ✔ Node.js, Express.js, Python/Django, PHP, Solidity ✔ DEX, DeFi, cryptocurrency, Layer management solution ✔ RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, ActiveMQ ✔ Redis, Memcached ✔ WebSockets ✔ OpenAPI, Swagger, RAML ✔ Microservices Architecture, Serverless Architecture ✔ GraphQL, Apollo, Relay ✔ OAuth, JWT, CORS, SSL/TLS ✨✨Database & CMS ✔ MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB ✔ Strapi, Contentful, Prismic Yext, Drupal, Storyblok ✨✨For Unit Test: ✔ Mocha, Chai, Sinon ✔ Cypress, TestCafe, Selenium ✨✨For Project Management and Version Control: ✔ Basecamp, ClickUp, Teamwork, Monday.com ✔ Mercurial, Subversion ✨✨For Project Design Patterns: ✔ Domain-Driven Design (DDD) ✔ Clean Architecture, Onion Architecture ✔ Facade Pattern, Proxy Pattern ✨✨For Backend services: ✔ AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions ✔ AWS API Gateway, Azure API Management, Google Cloud Endpoints ✔ AWS DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Google Cloud Datastore- AWS SQS, Azure Service Bus, Google Cloud Pub/Sub ✔ AWS SNS, Azure Event Grid, Google Cloud Pub/Sub ✔ AWS Step Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Google Cloud Workflows ✔ AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Google Cloud Deployment Manager As you can see, I possess a deep understanding of full stack developement. My familarity with an extensive range of technologies and frameworks on both the front- and back-end, including cloud services offered by leading providers like AWS Azure, and Google Cloud, is notably impresssive. Addtionally, my command over project management tools and design patterns showcases my ability to deliver top-notch projects using best practices.Taken together, it is clear that I am well-rounded full stack developer who can successfully handle the intricate projects from start to finish Performance-driven full-stack engineer and AWS architect with 6+ years’ experience in developing, testing, and rolling-out web applications, with notable specialization in JavaScript frameworks including React, Next, and Node (as well as AWS, Azure, and other cloud services) and also in python frameworks Django. At the same time I excelled at Ethereum, smart contract, DEX, Defi, NFT, cryptography and web3.js.Lately I crafted 3 decentralized social web applications using React, Next.js and we3.js leveraging Lens protocol for integrating Ethereum.Demonstrate adeptness at coordinating large-scale projects, training/managing diverse teams, and resolving emergent technical issues. Leverage seasoned communication skills to transform strategic vision into direct action, as supported by collaborations with associated management teams, stakeholders, and C-level executives. Quickly help startups and enterprises by efficiently converting prototypes and ideas into reality.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    AI Builder
    CMS Framework
    Smart Contract
    AWS Amplify
  • $20 hourly
    I'm a full stack web developer with experience building websites for small and medium sized businesses. I consider myself a generalist; I know a little about a lot of things. I have a background in Industrial Design and a Master's Degree in Teaching and Research. This allows me to contribute to projects from many disciplines and allows me to manage the project from concept to implementation. I have been working freelance for a couple of years now. I have experience with React, Vue, Node.js and Express. I'm new to upwork and looking forward to working with you! Share your requirements with me and let's build the solution ASAP.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Shopify Theme
  • $6 hourly
    ¿Quieres ayuda con tus tareas diarias? 🔹️Soy tu Asistente Virtual 🔹️especializada en la calidad de atención al cliente. Si tu interés principal es retención, fidelizar y crear una comunidad de clientes que se sientan completamente a gusto con tu marca, además de mejorar y aumentar las ventas, puedo hacerlo posible. Tengo mas de 10 años de experiencia, educada como oficinista integral, con experiencia como asistente administrativa para e-commerce y comunicación con proveedores, manejaré tu agenda, revisaré las ordenes, solucionaré los inconvenientes con los clientes y me haré cargo de las tareas que están quitándote tiempo que puedas invertir en otras cosas. ✅️ Admin Work • Microsoft Office ( Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) • G-suite ( Google Sheets, Google Keep, Google doc...) • Calendar management • Data entry • Email Management • Data sourcing • Transcription ✅️ Customer support for eCommerce store • Order fulfillment (Shopify) • Social media Management and Moderation • Uploading products (shopify) • Creating Graphics using Canva • Chat • Email ✅️ Personal Skills • Management, training and leadership • Team Management • Product training • Customer Service Oriented • Attention to detail • Communicative and Organizational skills
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Microsoft Excel
    Email Communication
    Administrative Support
    Community Moderation
    Customer Service
    Online Chat Support
    Order Tracking
    Ecommerce Support
    Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Experience
    Virtual Assistance
  • $15 hourly
    I am passionate about User Experience Design (UX/UI) with a background in Graphic Design. I have been working in this field for several years, focusing on projects related to mobility and e-commerce applications. My main goal is to design attractive and functional visual interfaces that enhance and enrich the user experience in all the projects I get involved in.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Manage Ecommerce Site
    Listing Presentation
    Catalog Design
    Product Catalog Setup & Optimization
    Optimize Etsy Site
    Manage Etsy Site
    Amazon Listing Optimization
    Product Listings
    Amazon Seller Central
    Etsy Listing
    Ecommerce Website
  • $11 hourly
    Technical Skills: Solid experience in data mining, processing, and analysis for the development of digital marketing strategies. Proficient in using tools such as Python programming language, Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio to gather and analyze key information. Marketing Experience: Proven track record of making informed decisions to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In-depth knowledge of the business environment with well-developed leadership and decision-making skills. Collaborative Focus: Firm belief in the importance of teamwork to achieve set objectives. Ability to lead and collaborate efficiently in group environments. Results-Driven Orientation: Passionate about applying skills to enhance online presence and increase profitability for companies. Proactive Attitude: Excited to tackle challenges and apply skills for the benefit of the company and its objectives.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Meta Pixel
    Facebook Ads Manager
    Paid Media
    Search Engine Marketing Strategy
    Search Engine Marketing
    SEO Strategy
    Google Ads
    Google AdSense
    Google AdSense API
    Google Display Network
    Ecommerce Website
  • $5 hourly
    Soy un profesional polifacético con habilidades tanto en desarrollo web como en asistencia virtual, listo para contribuir a tus proyectos con un enfoque orientado a la calidad y la eficiencia. A continuación, te presento un resumen de mis habilidades y experiencia: Habilidades como Programador: ✔ Educación Técnica en Ingeniería en Sistemas: Mi formación académica en ingeniería de sistemas proporciona una base sólida para abordar proyectos técnicos con un enfoque analítico y metódico. ✔ Desarrollo Web con Python y Django: Soy competente en el desarrollo de aplicaciones web utilizando Python y el marco de trabajo Django, lo que me permite crear soluciones eficientes y funcionales. ✔ Front-end y Back-end: Tengo experiencia en la creación de aplicaciones web completas, incluyendo la programación tanto en el front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) como en el back-end. ✔ Creación de Páginas en Shopify: He trabajado en la creación y personalización de tiendas en línea en la plataforma Shopify, lo que me permite ofrecer soluciones de comercio electrónico efectivas. Habilidades como Asistente Virtual: ✔ Disponibilidad y Flexibilidad de Horario: Estoy comprometido con ofrecer un servicio de asistencia virtual de alta calidad y estoy disponible para adaptarme a tus horarios y necesidades específicas. ✔ Manejo de Office: Tengo habilidades sólidas en Microsoft Office, lo que incluye Word, Excel y PowerPoint, para ayudarte con tareas administrativas y de manejo de datos. ✔ Manejo de Airtable: Puedo utilizar eficazmente la plataforma de gestión de bases de datos Airtable para organizar y gestionar información de manera eficiente. ✔ Manejo de Facebook Ads: Estoy familiarizado con la gestión de campañas publicitarias en Facebook Ads, lo que me permite ayudarte a promover tus productos o servicios en línea. ✔ Gestión de Calidad Certificada ISO 9001: Mi experiencia en la gestión de calidad certificada ISO 9001 demuestra mi capacidad para seguir procesos rigurosos y mantener altos estándares en mi trabajo. Si buscas un profesional que pueda aportar tanto en el desarrollo web como en la asistencia virtual, estoy aquí para ayudarte. Mi enfoque es brindar soluciones efectivas y superar las expectativas de mis clientes. ¡Espero con interés la oportunidad de colaborar contigo y contribuir al éxito de tus proyectos!
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Copy & Paste
    System Programming
    Virtual Assistance
  • $17 hourly
    PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Business administrator, graduate of Universidad del Norte, currently major in finance with vast experience in the financial area and risk assessment. Entrepreneur, contributor with senior leadership, responsible and effective on teamwork. Proactive in problem solving and seeking new professional challenges, always oriented towards results that allow to complement and gather experiences in the different administration areas.
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Shopify
    Intuit QuickBooks
    QuickBooks Online
    Virtual Assistance
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