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At A Glance: Short Story Writers

Storytelling is one of humankind’s oldest and most powerful ways to communicate. Stories were memorized and retold over and over again in the ages before they were written down, and with the advent of the written word, stories became a tool for standardized religious and academic instruction. As printing technology has increased over the years, the way we tell and share our stories has changed dramatically. Printed stories are now available to nearly everyone in a variety of styles and formats. One of the most popular and widely consumed written formats is that of the short story — prose that’s often fewer than 15,000 words and can range in topic from the fantastical to the factual. If you are working on short story literature, you may consider it helpful to collaborate with a short story writer or editor.

A short story writer or editor is usually a highly educated professional with a degree in literature or English. A short story writer can work with you to help turn a thematic element of your project into a fully developed short story you can share with any audience. Short story editors can take a story you have already written and edit it for grammar and syntax while simultaneously making notes and suggestions for changes that will help with the clarity of your story. Hiring short story editors or writers provides you with the ability to craft powerful and lasting literary elements for standalone use or as companion aspects to a larger project.


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