5 Ways Ops Can Tap Freelancers

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Skilled freelancers can help your operations and customer service teams work more efficiently and get more done—and not just when it comes to small projects and one-off deliverables. With Upwork and Upwork Payroll, you can make freelancers a part of your strategy and push all of your ops efforts further, faster.

The key is identifying where and how they can help—and this guide will help you get started.

Identify a Project or Lane With Clear Deliverables

Have a pile of data that you could be using to make better business decisions? Have a queue of customer support tickets coming in around the clock? Want to improve training or onboarding with video? No matter what your operations team has on its plate, freelancers can help you get it done.

Many clients start with a small project first, then move to larger projects. Start by breaking a larger initiative down into chunks, then into deliverables freelancers can handle. Or, you might identify a lane where you could use some outside expertise or additional bandwidth to work a little faster.

A few starter ops projects could be…

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Once you’ve had success with a freelancer, you might go on to give them bigger projects. Consider more layered, complex projects—and in some cases, you might even connect freelancers to work together as a multi-disciplined remote team.

From there you might go on to

  • Handle seasonal customer request volume increases with chat representatives, writers, and QA engineers to respond to incoming requests
  • Launch a series of branded, educational videos with a writer, instructional designer, and web developer to create videos and corresponding landing pages
  • Power up your social media presence with a social media manager, copywriter, graphic designer, and video editor
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All of the above are awesome ways to scale production and boost efficiency, but when you start thinking even bigger, you’ll see more ways freelancers can help your department drive growth.

Companies that take their freelancer use to another level are finding they’re able to

  • Create new revenue streams—like a team to handle an outbound customer support campaign
  • Jump on trends quicker—like an AI-powered chatbot to automate customer requests
  • Upgrade your software stack to grow with your organization—whether it’s moving to the cloud or developing an internal API to make teams more efficient
  • Experiment and iterate with more speed and agility—such as using your data to help departments get better results

awesome job post


With a project in mind, it’s time to write an awesome job post. Give it a clear title, a thorough description, and be sure to cover everything from specific skills needed to the final goal you’re hoping to achieve. Need help estimating your budget? Find guides to help you budget for customer service repscontent writersgraphic designers, and more.

That’s it, you’re ready to engage your first remote freelancer. For more tips, check out Upwork’s Hiring Resources for sample interview questions, tips for identifying the best talent, help with writing job posts, and more.

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