How UCLA Built a Complex E-Learning Platform in Just 3 Months [Case Study]


THE CHALLENGE: Building a new technology platform with limited resources

Known for its rigorous academics and innovation, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) ranks high among U.S. public universities, and in the world. The university wanted to test a new technology by building an e-learning platform using standard MOOC (massive open online course) protocols. However, this required various web development specialists that were unavailable in-house. Adding to the challenge, the project had a limited budget and a single team member: Professor Christopher Lee.

THE SOLUTION: Access experts by tapping into the human cloud

UCLA chose Upwork Enterprise, a contingent workforce solution designed to meet the needs of mid-sized and large organizations. Professor Lee contracted three program consultants to help strategize project timelines, execute tasks, determine the talent needed, and start talent at the right time to keep the project on schedule.

THE RESULT: High-quality platform deployed in record time

  • Accessed niche and in-demand specialists including data mining, UI/UX, and web programmers in Python and LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) implementation
  • Sourced and contracted talent within one week
  • Transformed design in less than four weeks
  • Deployed the e-learning platform in just three months, and within budget

By tapping into the human cloud, Professor Lee wasn’t just able to complete the project, he completed it at a higher level.


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