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Getting started on Upwork: A guide for clients.

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7 minutes

What is Online Work?

This module introduces you to online work and to ways to best leverage freelancers to solve your key business challenges. Learn how to identify projects best suited for freelancers, and how to get started quickly.

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12 minutes

Find: Writing the Perfect Job Post

A strong project plan and appropriate rates attract top talent. This module covers key components of a great job post and best practices in preparing to engage a freelancer. You’ll learn how to divide your project into actionable segments, how to identify the technical skills and experience needed, and how to budget your project to attract best-in-class freelancers.

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15 minutes

Hire: Vetting Profiles and Interviewing Freelancers

How do you find the best freelance talent? This module includes the key sections of a freelancer profile on Upwork, and the best interview questions to ask remote talent. You’ll learn how to identify top prospects based on skills and work experience, and how to structure a successful interview.

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8 minutes

Work & Pay: Getting Impressive Results

Engaging a freelancer is just the beginning. This material covers best practices in building remote team, effective communication, and project management. You’ll learn how to collaborate with and motivate remote talent for impressive results.

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After watching these modules

You’ll be able to attack key business challenges with an actionable plan.


Video production, photo editing, animation, website design


Social media strategy, white papers and copywriting, SEO, SEM/PPC

Finance & Operations

Accounting, PowerPoint creation, strategy consulting

Web & Mobile Development

HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Magento, AJAX, iOS, Android, C++

Customer Service

24/7/365 live chat or phone support, Zendesk customization


Lead generation, lead verification, prospecting, event research