How Your Business Can Structure Teams of Freelancers [Video]

It’s easy enough to stay in touch when one or two freelancers are working with your business. But how do you structure teams when you engage multiple freelancers for one project—or multiple freelancers for multiple initiatives?

As small businesses look for innovative ways drive sales and growth, they’re increasingly engaging freelancers or building hybrid teams to deliver more complex projects. Holly Cardew, founder and CEO of photo editing platform pixc, offers these tips:

The two factors that drive Cardew’s approach?

  • Recordkeeping: She structures freelancers by skillset for accounting purposes, so she has better insight into what’s happening on each team.
  • Relationships: Once you get to a certain stage, she says, it can be helpful to put someone in place to be the primary contact for each group of freelancers.

Finding an effective way to keep track of the talent you work with can help you feel more confident as you grow your team of freelancers and adjust resources to meet demand or test new opportunities.

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