Growing Businesses: 5 Ways to Tap Freelancers

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Skilled freelancers can help your business work more efficiently and get more done—and not just when it comes to small projects and one-off deliverables. When you make freelancers a part of your strategy, you’ll be able to push all of your efforts further, faster.

The key is identifying where and how they can help—and this guide will help you get started.

Identify a Project or Lane With Clear Deliverables

Have a campaign you’re launching next month? Need development or accounting support? Have so much to do, you wish you could clone yourself? No matter what you have on your plate, freelancers can help you get it done.

Many clients start with a small project first, then move to larger projects. Start by breaking a larger initiative down into chunks, then into deliverables freelancers can handle. Or, you might identify a lane where you could use some outside expertise or additional bandwidth to work a little faster.

A few starter engagements could be…

  • An expert in any area you need support: marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, and more
  • An independent accountant to help with books, financial analysis, tax prep, and more
  • A graphic designer to help create assets like a logo, business cards, presentations, and more
  • A web developer to build or maintain your corporate website
  • Talent acquisition or HR support to help coordinate your talent strategy


Once you’ve had success with a freelancer, you might go on to give them bigger projects. Consider more layered, complex projects—and in some cases, you might even connect freelancers to work together as a multi-disciplined remote team.

From here you might go on to

  • Spin up a remote customer service team with dedicated chat, voice, and email reps and developers to help tackle bugs and customer feedback. Consider Upwork Payroll as a way to help classify and pay workers.
  • Create web and mobile applications or proprietary software with a team of developers and UI/UX design pros
  • Develop your brand’s presence with a creative director, graphic designer, copywriter, and social media manager to create a brand guide, campaign concepts, and supporting assets
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All of the above are awesome ways to scale production and boost efficiency, but when you start thinking even bigger, you’ll see more ways freelancers can help your business drive growth.

Companies that take their freelancer use to another level are finding they’re able to

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Improve efficiency of internal operations
  • Jump on trends quicker
  • Expand to new markets and widen reach
  • Experiment and iterate with more speed and agility

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awesome job post


With a project in mind, it’s time to write an awesome job post. Give it a clear title, a thorough description, and be sure to cover everything from specific skills needed to the final goal you’re hoping to achieve. Need help estimating your budget? We’ve created a library of hiring guides to help you estimate your project cost with common rates freelancers charge.

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