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Companies rely on great people to get things done: the vast majority of hiring managers say their success depends on having access to top talent. But where can you find that often-elusive expertise?

Top talent is increasingly choosing the flexibility and opportunity of freelancing. At the same time, more hiring managers are turning to freelancers to help scale to meet project demands or provide skills that aren’t available in-house. Many of them turn to Upwork to find that help.

What is Upwork? Upwork is a freelancing website that makes it easier to get work done—anytime, anywhere. The site has built-in tools to facilitate your work with freelancers, from contract terms and payment protection to communication and dispute resolution.


Linguistix Tank is a lean company that provides language-related services to artificial intelligence (AI) companies around the world, working in up to 70 different languages. Their business model is based on working with freelancers, anywhere from 100 to 3,000 at one time.

“Upwork lets me reach people who are experts in their field, from any place in the world. I get exposure to the global wealth of talent as opposed to limiting myself to only working within the networks of my geographical location. It has yielded some marvelous results internally.”
— Mohamed Omar, founder and CEO, Linguistix Tank

Medpricer, a cost management solution for healthcare organizations, engages freelancers primarily to deliver fast-turnaround marketing campaigns—often within 48 hours if not the same day. But they’re also building a network of freelancers so they have a reliable talent bench.

“Upwork is a great forum to trial talent at no risk,” says Lindsay Wise, director marketing and growth. “If I don’t like how a project was completed, I close it out and that’s it. The ones that work out, we add to our go-to bench of talent. Having the flexibility to invite someone to a job and get a response within minutes or hours is really important.”


With Upwork, you can connect with skilled freelancers in more than 3,500 skill categories, including:

  • Web and mobile development
  • Design and creative
  • Marketing and sales
  • Writing and translation
  • Accounting and consulting
  • Admin and customer support

Learn how to write an awesome job post, or check out Upwork’s Hiring Guides to get more information about how to find and hire the right person for your project.

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