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Expand your readership through Upwork. We invite thought leaders and top writers to contribute an original article. Your content may be posted on either the Upwork Blog or the Hiring Headquarters, which receive 500,000 views per month. Plus, we may amplify posts through Upwork’s social media and syndication channels.

Before you submit a request, note the following requirements:

  • If you’re an independent contributor: You must be named as the author of the writing samples you include in your application.
  • If you’re a blog manager: Each author’s contact information is required. Requests that don’t include this information will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.
  • All posts must be between 500-1250 words and may contain relevant images, videos, and outbound links that improve the overall experience of our community. Irrelevant hyperlinks will be removed and submissions containing keyword stuffing will be rejected. Note: All links must naturally fit into the sentence/article and provide value to the reader. Posts may not contain affiliate links.
  • Posts may not be promotional or advertorial. We do not publish company-specific news, CTAs, press releases, or content reading similarly to a press release.
  • Given the large number of submissions received daily, we ask that your content be in a ready-to-publish or republish state for our editorial team.
  • We reserve the right to proofread and edit your story or content. Any significant revisions will be discussed with the author.
  • Contributions must meet Upwork’s standards for quality and relevance.
  • Upwork does not compensate guest authors for contributions. Each article may include a link back to your site and author bio.
  • We welcome your submission but can’t guarantee if or when articles will be published.
  • Please be sure to review our content terms and user agreement.
  • For original content contributors, content style guidelines are available to assist you.

If we approve your content for publication, we’ll:

  • Notify you within 14 business days of receipt of your submission. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we’re only able to respond to the submissions we are considering to publish or syndicate. 
  • Once published, Upwork will attribute the original author and provide you a link to the content on the Hiring Headquarters or Upwork Blog.

We sometimes promote submitted content to a wider audience. We may:

  • Share through Upwork’s social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Syndicate via sites such as GrowthHackers, Biz Sugar, Business to Community, Flipboard, Alltop or

If we publish your content, consider the following:

  • Promote the article to your own networks.
  • Include a link to your content on the Hiring Headquarters from your website or Upwork profile.

Now, let’s get started!

Note:  This form is for editorial submissions only. It is not for job submissions or account support.

If you need help with your Upwork account or other support, please go to the Upwork Help Center.

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