5 Marketing Videos You Can Get Done with an Agency on Upwork

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These days, marketing almost always means creating video content of some kind. Consumers prefer it, and they’re demanding more of it. But with a highly saturated market, video can’t just be good—it has to be great.

That’s where specialized video production agencies on Upwork can help. Whether you’re looking to tell your story in a video, capture an event, or go viral on social, these agencies can knock marketing video projects of all types out of the park on shorter timelines and smaller budgets—and get you major results.

Here’s a look at five stand-out video projects agencies have rocked that you can try, too.

1. 2D Character Animation in Video Shorts

When global financial institution ING needed an agency partner to develop fun, engaging animations as part of an interactive campaign, Amblagar Studio was a natural choice. The Argentina-based agency is sought after for their video, animation, and motion graphics expertise, with a client roster that includes Disney, Nickelodeon, FOX, NatGeo, and Universal Channel.

For this project, the team created humorous animations of a quirky character to be used in short videos to support the campaign designed to boost customer engagement—and engagement metrics showed that as a result, customers were engaging with the bank like never before.

2. Animated Video to Introduce Your Company on a Homepage

Video isn’t always just for streaming or delivering a message—homepage videos are a great way to create an immersive first impression for visitors to your site, and they can be a lot more engaging than your standard “About Us” page.

It’s exactly why Think Ideas, an eCommerce creative agency based out of Munich, partnered with MotionCue, a New York-based video production, animation and design agency on Upwork. The goal: To create a minimalist, clean motion graphic video that would portray their brand’s values in an engaging, artistic way—and one that visitors would see right when they landed on the site.

Presenting complex ideas with a minimalistic design concept is always a challenge, but the experts at MotionCue accomplished the goal—and created a video that beautifully tells the story of how Think Ideas tells its own clients’ stories.

Talent: Concept artists, designers, illustrators, and animators.


From animated YouTube series to live-action TV commercials, any type of video content is possible when you have access to the world’s creative talent. When national big-box retailer, Sam’s Club wanted to develop a digital campaign to relaunch its private label Member’s Mark Diapers, the company tapped Tongal, a Santa Monica-based creative crowdsourcing platform now on Upwork, to find the perfect filmmaking team.

The results of the viral “Zen Baby Zen” campaign, which also included a football-themed version for Super Bowl week, were off the charts, reaching 24M views by zeroing in on the thing their target audience, moms, care about most—their baby’s comfort.

Tap into Tongal’s network for your next viral video campaign >>

4. A Branded Video to Tell Your Story & Explain Your Values

When San Francisco-based coffee company Philz Coffee wanted to leverage video to explain what made their brand so unique and special, they tapped Northbound Films on Upwork to develop the concept, write the script, film, and edit the video. The agency created a video that captured the quirkiness and authenticity of the brand—which ended up helping Philz Coffee to raise $15 million in funding to fuel its nationwide expansion.

Talent: Director, creative director, producer, cinematographer, editor.

5. 3D Animated Video

When Amazon Kindle needed an animated video to announce its latest service, KindleUnlimited, the Amazon Creative Services team partnered with Straightface Studios—a Seattle-based full-service boutique video production house on Upwork that specializes in high-tech augmented reality, 3D modeling, VFX, compositing and animation technologies.

The team handled every aspect from concepting to final rendering, and resulting video brings the books customers love to life in a stunning, artful way.

How can you attract top video production agencies like these?

How you craft your job post will go a long way to attracting top agencies like these to your project. You want to clearly explain the problem you’re trying to solve, or the video you’re looking to create. This helps agencies determine whether they’re a good fit—and if your project is an opportunity to flex their skillsets.

Not sure what skills or requirements you need to bring your video to life? Explore these helpful articles about video production, then browse Upwork’s Video Production Agency Marketplace to find the perfect agency partner for you.

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