5 Reasons to Join Your Team on Upwork

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Good news, your team set up an Upwork account. When you need help with a project, just go to your team account to access flexible talent from creatives to financial specialists and software developers.

Wondering about Upwork and why you should join your team? Let’s get started.

Why should I join my team’s account?

Projects don’t happen in silos. Many times, you’re working with other team members and people across functions. By joining your team’s account, you can work on your own projects and also:

  • Share talent pre-vetted by your colleagues – Save time searching for help by sharing top talent who have skills other team members can use
  • Maintain project visibility—If someone is out sick, or leaves a project, anyone can jump in, see communication chains and project status to ensure no balls are dropped
  • Avoid bottlenecks—Talent and team members communicate directly with each other, so questions get answered faster and no one becomes a bottleneck
  • Keep work flowing forward—Easily share documents across teams to gather reviews and input faster
  • Scale project teams—Quickly ramp teams up and down and add new skills as needed

What is Upwork?

Upwork is the largest online talent solution connecting businesses and skilled professionals. Want to create a mobile app? Need to ramp up customer service to handle peak call volume? Got to reinforce your cybersecurity?

Whatever work you need help with, get it done by searching for flexible talent through Upwork. We make it easier and more cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay talent worldwide.

Upwork is the world’s largest freelancing website

  • 180+ countries
  • 5M+ clients
  • $1B+ work done
  • 30% of Fortune 500 companies choose Upwork

What kind of projects can I get done?

Any type of work that can be done on a computer can be done through Upwork. And you can get projects started quickly because businesses usually find their ideal talent within three days.

These independent professionals can help you with work ranging from quick turnarounds to large and complex projects. For ideas, see how these three businesses are growing with hybrid teams.

How does Upwork work?


Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. If you’re unhappy with a person’s work, your project may qualify for Payment Protection. The service is designed to ensure that clients get the work they contracted for and that talent get paid for the work they deliver. Upwork is the only flexible talent website that offers such protection.

How do I join and start getting more work done?

Get started by signing up with Upwork—it’ll just take a few seconds as we only need your name and email. Soon after, you’ll get a link to join your team’s account. If your company purchased the Upwork Business or Upwork Enterprise plan, sign up through your dedicated account page. That’s it! You’re all set to get started on a project.

Not on Upwork yet? Sign up here (it’ll take 30 seconds).

Already registered? Make work easier for everyone, invite your team members onto Upwork.

Upwork is the largest online talent solution. Through Upwork, it’s easier and more cost-effective for any-sized businesses to find, work with, and pay talent. Get started today.

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