6 Development Projects You Can Get Done with an Agency on Upwork

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Agencies on Upwork are knocking big projects out of the park in major categories—from creative and production to web, mobile and software development. These projects range from consumer-facing UI designs and VR experiences to platforms that support internal business initiatives, and they’re delivering major results for clients with big expectations.

Here’s a look at 6 stand-out web, virtual reality, and mobile development projects agencies have rocked that you can try, too.

1. Rebuild a website to align with a total brand refresh

When Australian Child Health Clinics Network adopted a new logo, a total brand refresh followed suit. Every asset needed to be updated with the new brand style, from their business cards to their website.

The organization partnered with Etcetera Agency to help them refresh their brand in a way that represents their core values: Putting patients first and excellence in healthcare. The new design also needed to convey their commitment to pediatric health. Etcetera Agency gathered a team of designers and developers to tackle the full scope of this complex project, and within 20 weeks, the team relaunched a modern-looking website with added functionality, including the ability to book appointments with doctors through the site.

Etcetera’s full-service team managed every phase, from the UI/UX design and WordPress customization to SEO and mobile optimization. An illustrator created 25 different animals to speak to the pediatric audience, and an expert graphic designer created branded collateral materials such as business cards, posters, flyers, and brochures.

Talent: 1 Project Manager, 1 Web UX/UI designer, 1 Web developer, 1 illustrator, 1 Print designer.

2. Redesign an e-commerce site for better usability (and sales)

When golf club manufacturer and retail giant Callaway needed a refreshed e-commerce store, they tapped LLT Group, a digital agency focused on UI/UX and strategic development. LLT Group used the Callaway brand standards to create a beautifully updated design that focused heavily on ease of use for the customers, many of whom were placing highly customized orders through the site. LLT Group also updated the design with new accent colors, layout modifications, and a stronger information hierarchy between the pages.

The result? A sleek new UI and redesigned account, shop, and cart pages that cater to the customer.

Data played a big role, too, with an extremely robust Order History component that allows customers to track the status of every single part of their order.


When you invest in tools or platforms to directly connect with employees or customers, you want to create something they’ll actually want to use. That means usability, design, and engaging user experience are paramount. So when one client needed a mobile app to stay in touch with its employees, they turned to Buenos Aires-based product design and development agency Cacao Büro to create their solution.

The goal was to develop a central hub where every employee—from the factory floor to the c-suite—could obtain information regarding company news, communications, and events.

Cacao Büro’s team created a React Native-based mobile app for Android (an iOS app is on the way) that employees could access from their mobile devices no matter where they were in the field. They handled the entire mobile design and development process from start to finish, creating the information architecture and wireframes, branded style guide, and final prototypes for launch.

Talent: Product manager, UI/UX designer, (2) software engineers with DevOps and React Native expertise.

4. A mobile app that helps users identify and care for plants with snap

You always want to put your great app ideas into good hands, which is why SmartPlant, an app that helps plant owners properly identify, care for, and learn about their house plants, tapped Jelvix, a software development agency based in Israel.

Jelvix built this complex app that lets users identify a plant with a single smartphone snap, then it sends reminders about how to care for that plant year-round. The agency’s team handled the digital mapping, UI design, testing, API integrations, and more, building an app that seamlessly leverages numerous aspects of smartphone technology, and connects users with hundreds of plant experts for support.

[SmartPlant, available for iOS and Android.]

5. Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) simulation development

The medical field is one of the more pioneering use cases for AR and VR development. Healthcare manufacturers and providers are using the technology to revolutionize how doctors learn about, treat, and operate on patients, and for Medtronic McGrath, that meant creating a full-flow Virtual Intubation Simulation experience for anesthesiologists.

Medtronic tapped Lucid Reality Labs, a AR/VR/AI solutions development agency based in Ukraine, to engineer the concept. The idea behind the simulation is to give doctors a first-person interactive hands-on tool of how the intubation is done using the McGrath MAC video laryngoscope, train their reaction on the warnings during the procedure, and more. Lucid Reality Labs leveraged their team’s experience in Unity engine to create the fully interactive real-time game, upgrade it to the needs of the workshops and congresses worldwide, and to be on par with the McGrath MAC product development cycle.

6. Create a social networking app

Social networking apps, in particular, require sophisticated data processing and integrations to give users the speed and flow they expect—especially as that user base grows. So for location-focused social network Skout, that meant tapping an agency with the chops to bring it to life—and stick with it for the long-term.

CodigoDelSur, a mobile and web development agency based in Uruguay, partnered with Skout on the app for over 2 years, turning an initial MVP into a scalable foundation and going on to add new features as its user base grew to over 220 million.

How can you attract top development agencies like these?

How you craft your job post will go a long way to attracting top agencies like these to your project. You want to clearly explain the problem you’re trying to solve, or the product you’re looking to create. This helps agencies determine whether they’re a good fit—and if your project is an opportunity to flex their skills.

Not sure what skills or requirements you need to bring your project to life? Explore these helpful articles about web development, then browse Upwork’s Mobile Development and Web Development Agency Marketplaces to find the perfect agency partner for you.

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