How Does Hiring on Upwork Compare to Other Options?

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Compared to hiring freelancers through a traditional staffing agency or job board, it’s often easier to find the right talent on Upwork and faster to get them started on projects. Let’s take a closer look at how these talent sources stack up against each other in four main areas from posting a job to working with talent.

The lineup

We’ll start with a quick description of how each talent source works:

Traditional staffing agencies. This is the oldest solution for organizations to fill talent needs. Staffing agencies often recruit and hire their workers as employees, then contract talent to their clients. Agencies, such as Kelly Services and Robert Half, may specialize in providing certain skillsets. They may also offer different hiring options including temporary, temp-to-hire, and full-time.

Job boards. These are online websites like Monster where people can search thousands of jobs from all over the world. After a person applies for a job, the interview and engagement processes are done off of the website. The jobs posted are often looking for employees, but they also include project work.

Freelancing websites. This is the newest type of talent source and where Upwork is categorized. The professionals you’ll find here are freelancers and agencies interested in project-based work—be they quick, longer-term, or large projects. Like job boards, freelancing websites enable you to search for and connect with talent directly. Yet freelancing websites make it easier for you to work with anyone, located anywhere. Upwork’s feature extends beyond job boards to make it easier to contract, work with, and make payments.

Here’s how Upwork compares to the other options when you’re hiring talent:

How Upwork compares when posting a job

Compared to other sources, it’s easy to post a project on Upwork. You can post several jobs in less time using our technology-assisted form. Once you select a freelancer, a project contract is automatically generated from the details of the project post – a time-saver when you have multiple projects.

The biggest difference between posting a job on Upwork and the other two talent sources is cost. Job boards like Glassdoor determine rates by several variables including the type of job, job location, and click-through rates. With so many variables, prices can add up quickly, as the table shows below.



You can find qualified talent up to 6X faster through Upwork than the other options. In part because our talent profiles shorten the vetting process by providing the critical information you need including rates and availability.



Paying talent on Upwork is easy because we handle the payment details for you. Through Upwork, you can pay talent in over 180 countries with just a couple of mouse clicks, and receive detailed invoices and reports online.



Most freelancers on Upwork work remotely, so the clearer your communication with them, the higher your chances of a successful project. That’s why Upwork provides built-in collaboration tools that keep a record of communications and help close the gap across time zones. You can also talk to talent and check on projects while on the go through the Upwork mobile app.


Upwork’s technology and global talent pool provide the control you need to quickly connect with the right talent for a project. And the ease you need to work with them efficiently, so you can get projects done without adding more work to your day.

If you have multiple project needs, you may want to consider a talent source that provides a program for enterprises. Upwork Enterprise provides critical services including worker classification and compliance and help with planning and coordinating larger projects.

Upwork is a freelancing website where businesses of all sizes can find talented independent professionals across multiple disciplines and categories. Ready to let freelance experts help you get more done? Start today!

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