5 U.S. Cities Trending UIKit and Xcode Development

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Two of The Fastest-Growing Skills on Upwork for Q2 2018 were Apple-specific development tools used by developers to build apps for iOS and beyond. These included Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps, and UIKit, a framework for developing graphic interfaces for iOS or tvOS apps.

And while demand for iOS isn’t surprising as mobile continues to steadily gain ground, what might be surprising is where these development skills have taken off geographically in recent quarters. Hint: They’re not in Silicon Valley.

These were the five cities that topped the list for iOS-related development:



The capital of the Aloha State has a big solar, biomedical, and environmental presence (in addition to the U.S. Navy and its tech), with University of Hawaii Manoa serving as a big local talent engine. Maybe the widespread WiFi connectivity and cafe culture have helped attract digital nomads looking to live the dream of coding in paradise.


This historic suburb of Philadelphia has plenty of modern-day tech stories thanks to its proximity to the metropolis, which is home to a Magento outpost and plenty of software, mobile, and security companies drawing tech talent to the area.


Richmond has been attracting a younger generation—and their fresh tech skills—for a while, being home to Snagajob, Capital One, and the award-winning agencies Mobelux, which specializes in mobile app development, and the Martin Agency. Lighthouse Labs startup accelerator and other incubators in the area are fueling a startup community that’s likely tapping talent to get up and running.


With nearby Harvard and MIT, Stoughton—located just south of Boston, MA—is right at home on this list. Boston metro has attracted tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, and GE, making the area New England’s largest and most diverse tech hub.


It’s not uncommon for New York and L.A.-based agencies to set up outpost offices in sunny Miami, which is rife with top-notch mobile development agencies (and the market to support them). This Broward County suburb of Ft. Lauderdale may be attracting top iOS talent who opted to live outside the big city life of South Florida’s Miami Metro area.

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Coming in behind the above were Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Grandville, Michigan; Garden Grove, California; and San Jose, California.

While Cupertino may not have made the list, these five cities are proof that tech talent is flourishing all over the U.S., from the Southwest’s Silicon Slopes to the Mid-Atlantic’s Silicon Alley. The contingent workforce is continuing to spread out, and they’re taking their talent with them—especially outside big city centers in search of lower costs of living and higher quality of life.

This sends a clear message to hiring managers seeking top iOS development talent: To find highly competitive freelance talent, you have to know where to look and how to connect with them. And that’s where Upwork can help.

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