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Build relationships and create your own Virtual Talent Bench™ for quick project turnarounds or big transformations.

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Connect with talent that gets you with Talent Marketplace

Post your job on the world’s work marketplace and wait for the proposals to flood in from talented people around the world.

Our advanced algorithms help you shortlist candidates who are the best fit. And you can check profiles, portfolios, and reviews before you give someone the green light.

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You will get a perfect logo designed for your business


Rather skip the guesswork? Shop projects already planned for you by the talent who know them best.

No need to create a job post or sift through a shortlist. Just browse, buy, and get going right away, with clear expectations from the start.

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You will get a fully customizable WordPress website. No code needed.


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You’ll have plenty of help choosing the right person for the job. And no matter who you’re hiring you can:

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    Browse similar projects they’ve worked on
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    Directly access proven talent without unnecessary layers
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    Check their portfolio
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    Check qualifications
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    Run a chat or video interview

You’re safe with us

You get what you pay for. And we can prove it.

On hourly contracts, we count keystrokes and take random screenshots of your freelancer’s screen so you can see they’re putting in the time.

On fixed-price contracts, you agree on milestones and only pay up when those milestones are hit.

All in one place

Once you sign in you’ll get your own online space to manage your project.

Use it to securely send and receive files, give real-time feedback and make payments. And if you’re out and about a lot, you’ll want to download the app too.

Frequently asked questions

What projects can I do on Upwork?

Anything people generally do on a computer. Popular tasks are web, mobile and software development, design work and copywriting, but you can also find lawyers, accountants and more.

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How does Upwork make money?

We charge freelancers and agencies a 10% freelancer service fee on their earnings.

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What’s the Top Rated program?

It’s a badge of honor for talent who consistently do great work.