Upwork Research

Our Mission

Upwork Research strives to bring new ideas to the world of online work. Our team of scientists lead basic and applied research into the evolving web-based workplace, collaborating with colleagues in academic and startup communities to turn innovative ideas into prototypes for testing and implementation. Their efforts keep Upwork growing and adapting to make it a leader in the new frontier of online work.

The Team

Ioannis Antonellis

VP of Data Science

Alya Abbott

Senior Data Scientist

Fares Hedayati

Senior Data Scientist

Sid Kumar

Data Scientist

Aaron Michelony

Senior Data Scientist

Nima Reyhani

Data Scientist

Emilia Stoica

Senior Data Scientist

Natalie Zayats

Data Scientist


Joe Golden

CEO of Collage.com

John Horton

Assistant Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences at NYU

Ramesh Johari

Associate Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford

Panagiotis Papadimitriou

Research Scientist at Facebook

Odysseas Tsatalos

CTO of ezhome and co-founder of oDesk



Eugen Alpeza, UCL

George Stoica, CMU

Ioannis Karamanlakis, University of Edinburgh

Sibo Lu, Berkeley

Xian Wu, Stanford


Nan Bi, Stanford

Ioannis Karamanlakis, University of Edinburgh

Kostas Kollias, Stanford

Sid Kumar, Stanford


Moshe Barach, UC Berkeley

Erik Brinkman, University of Michigan

Alan Malek, UC Berkeley

Aaron Michelony, UCSC


Dana Chandler, MIT

Behzad Golshan, BU

Rishi Gupta, Stanford

Aaron Michelony, UCSC

Kyle Murray, MIT

Dan Russo, Stanford

Vasileios Verroios, Stanford


Panos Ipeirotis, Academic in Residence

Mario Kokkodis, Data Scientist Intern

Behzad Golshan

Vasileios Verroios

Dan Russo

Rishi Gupta

Kyle Murray

Aaron Michelony