Our Mission

Upwork Research strives to bring new ideas to the world of online work. Our team of scientists lead basic and applied research into the evolving web-based workplace, collaborating with colleagues in academic and startup communities to turn innovative ideas into prototypes for testing and implementation. Their efforts keep Upwork growing and adapting to make it a leader in the new frontier of online work.

The Team

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    Alya Abbott, Data Scientist

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    Ioannis Antonellis, Director of Data Science

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    Brian Gawalt, Senior Data Scientist

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    Joe Golden, Staff Economist

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    Fares Hedayati, Data Scientist

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    Panagiotis Papadimitriou, Director of Data Science

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    Emilia Stoica, Data Scientist

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    Odysseas Tsatalos, Chief Technology Officer

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    Natalie Zayats, Data Scientist




  • Moshe Barach, UC Berkeley

  • Erik Brinkman, University of Michigan

  • Alan Malek, UC Berkeley

  • Aaron Michelony, UCSC


  • Dana Chandler, MIT

  • Behzad Golshan, BU

  • Rishi Gupta, Stanford

  • Aaron Michelony, UCSC

  • Kyle Murray, MIT

  • Dan Russo, Stanford

  • Vasileios Verroios, Stanford


  • Panos Ipeirotis, Academic in Residence

  • Mario Kokkodis, Data Scientist Intern

  • Behzad Golshan

  • Vasileios Verroios

  • Dan Russo

  • Rishi Gupta

  • Kyle Murray

  • Aaron Michelony