Did you know that successful companies build whole departments on oDesk? A few employers share their accomplishments in building online workteams.

Customer Support

Working around the clock, global online workteams make top notch customer support departments. See how employers address challenges and build their customer-facing teams.


Rachel Penning / Manager of Customer Support, PBworks

oDesk helped expand my team of four customer service representatives to 12 while improving response time and satisfaction. Learn more

Web Development

It's hard to find top notch local engineers and web developers. See how companies tap into the global talent pool on oDesk to build exciting products and grow their revenues.


Bill Cornell / VP of Technology, B-Stock Solutions

Making sure both parties understand what you are trying to accomplish is crucial. Learn more


Luke Salsich / Co-Founder and President, Group Zero

We are able to charge a fraction of what our competitors charge. Learn more


Jeff Meltzer / CEO, Universal Hardwood

Without oDesk, it's impossible — you need the transparency. Learn more


Matthew Yonan / President, Greenzone Inc.

It was really easy to find someone on oDesk to build my website on the Yahoo solution. Before oDesk, I went to many people who were talented but just didn't build on the Yahoo webhosting platform. Learn more


How to hire the best software engineers in the world? See how top employers integrate oDesk freelancers into their software development departments.


Once I saw oDesk, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. Learn more

Gregory Silvano / Partner, Stature Software

Ted Prodromou / Owner, NetBizExpert

oDesk gave me a great way to hire really talented programmers at an affordable rate. Learn more

Design & Multimedia

Creativity isn't a place. The best graphic designer, artist, voice talent or animator may be 8,000 miles away... but is ready to work for you online, anytime.


Teresa Soroka / Ame Ame

oDesk gives me professional designs that allow me to market against top-name competitors. Learn more


Ben Muñoz / Serial Entrepreneur

I use oDesk every day. Learn more


Josh Delcore / easy10seconds.com

I look at their work, at who responds the fastest, who has the software I need, and communication — communication's big. Learn more

Mobile Computing

iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile... Software development departments add oDesk freelancers to add mobile computing expertise to their engineering teams.


Bill Quintrell / CEO, Advanced Process Designs

Our oDesk freelancers are an extension of our team and are there to support us. Learn more

Sales & Marketing

SEO? SEM? Viral marketing? Blogging? Copy Editing? Grow your Sales and marketing workteam as quickly as you need.


Jamie Swartz / Partner, Synergy Buzz Marketing

oDesk guarantees the work and the payment for hourly jobs. No other marketplace can say that. Learn more


Find localization and translation services by those who know the language best — the locals! Work with freelancers from around the globe without leaving your office.


Priit Vaikmaa / Marketing Manager, Text Magic

My challenge was to find qualified, talented translators that could do the job quickly. Since oDesk has a lot of talented people signed up, it was really easy to find qualified employees. Learn more

Administrative Support

Data entry, web research, a personal assistant, even just a little help handling your emails... someone, somewhere will be happy to help you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it.


Jack Groetzinger / Co-founder, SeatGeek

When there is a period when we have nothing, we don't have a full time person sitting there. Learn more