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Help grow Instagram account organically


26 days ago


I am looking to grow my Instagram audience and am interested in your services.

The Instagram account is:

It is specifically targeted to people in Hawai'i who speak a local dialect - so I am not looking for postings to be created.

Everything MUST be done organically and without using bots. We need to do things the right way and not risk getting the account banned.


Below are some questions. I am reaching out to several freelancers so your answers to these questions will help me select you to do the work.

1. How would you grow our audience on Instagram considering that it very specifically an audience of local people in Hawai'i?

2. The 87k followers of are our target market. Would you recommend that you manually follow all of those followers to get their attention to inspire them to follow our account? This would need to be manually done and no bots

3. Would you recommend that once all of those accounts are followed - that we then go through a process of unfollowing the users that did not follow back?

4. From what I understand - if there are more than 60 follows or unfollows each hour - then the account will be shadow banned. How will you avoid this? Will you limit to 60 each hour? ( At 60 an hour for 87k followers, that would be 1,450 hours. At 8 hours a day, that would be 181 days.

5. This link says there is also a 60 likes per hour limit. Is this in addition to the 60 follows? ( If so, would you recommend this as a way to gain followers?

6. Can you help to integrate our Shopify store at into Instagram and Facebook.

7. What hashtags would you recommend - considering our audience of people who are local to Hawai'i?

8. Would you be able to provide similar services for our TikTok?

9. What are a list of Instagram accounts that you have grown organically? What was their follower count before you started working with them and what was their follower account after you worked with them?


Please let me know what you recommend for the work mentioned above and a breakdown of your price.

I look forward to hearing back from you!
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