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Independent Living Skills Program Design Proposal


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Proposal Outline is attached.

Title 17 Section Program Design Requirements
□ 56712a1A The purpose and goals of service
□ 56712a1B Anticipated consumer outcomes resulting from participation in the program stated in measurable terms
56712a1C Program curriculum
□ 56712a1D The location(s) in which consumers will receive instruction and perform those skills taught,  such as a center-based environment, the consumer's place of residence or a natural environment, including geographic boundaries of the direct service area

□ 56742d1 The schedule of consumer training activities

□ 56742d3 Age appropriate materials and activities

□ 56742d4 Specific consumer outcomes which are anticipated from participation in each training component:

□    Cooking
□    Cleaning
□    Menu planning

□    Meal preparation

□    Money management, including check cashing and purchasing activities
□    Shopping in natural environments

□    Use of public transportation in natural environments

□    Personal health and hygiene

□    Self-advocacy training

□    Independent recreation and participation in natural environments

□    Use of medical and dental services

□    Community resource awareness such as police, fire, or emergency help
□    Parenting (Child development, nutrition, stimulation, education, discipline, and safety)

□ 56742d2
Consumer training activities for each area identified in the curriculum

□ 56712a3 The process used to determine how the vendor will assist each consumer served in achieving his/her IPP objectives(ISP development process)

□ 56712a3C Evaluation procedures used to determine the extent of a consumer's progress toward achieving the specific outcomes(data collection, reports, including a sample ISP and semi-annual report)

□ 56712a2 The entrance/exit criteria, including the age of the consumer, the level of self-care skills, behavioral characteristics, and physical and medical conditions that can be served within the program

□ 56712a2 The intake procedure(with timelines)

□ 56712a1E Consumer attendance policy which includes the following:

1. The requirement for the vendor to notify the regional center on or before a consumer's fifth consecutive day of unplanned absence

2. The attendance requirements for consumers to remain enrolled in the program

3. The efforts the program will make to assure attendance

□ 56712a1F
Statement of the staffing ratio

□ 56712a1G Schedule of the vendor's direct service operating hours including a sample of a current weekly schedule

□ 56712a5 A description of the internal consumer grievance procedures
56712a1H Staff training plan
□ 56726c1 New employee orientation provided within the first two weeks of employment which includes information on:

56726c3 □The Regional Center System
□ The Developmental Disability Service System
□ Rights of people with Developmental Disabilities
□ Client Confidentiality
□ The IPP and IPP process
□ Required Consent for Medical Treatment
□ Program Fair Hearing/Grievance Procedure
□ Notice Requirements for changing, reducing and terminating services
□ Consumer safety procedures to be used in the event of an emergency
□ Program practices policies and procedures.

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